19 July 2015

Le finn

le fin. the end.

with much thought, i have decided to end the blog. its actually been an idea of mine for a while, but a catalyst came along and made the choice an easy one for me. basically the blog began when adventure was ahead of us, unknown, always changing adventure. and while we are certainly on the adventure known as parenting, that has lately felt like the only adventure, and i dont feel like writing about it. i feel like living it. we still plan as many vacations as money will allow but we are pretty settled here and life is stable in many ways. things are always changing but i havent enjoyed chronicling it like i did in the past.

i have an idea for a potential future blog, one that has nothing at all to do with personal matters and likely with a very low interested readership. but, if i do it, i will enjoy that and the adventures it takes me on. unless, of course, i get a job, and then, o glorious, i will be fully wrapped up in balancing family and work life. i hope for that, but may fall back on the new blog idea in case i need to save my sanity.

in conclusion, goodbye to whoever is still out there reading this blog roll. the people who reached out along the way were wonderful and i really enjoyed those connections in cyberspace, as well as the people who know me as a real person. but for you, there are always the old fashioned modes of email and phone calls to keep our communication intact. and hey, i recently, sorta, figured out texting...so theres that. :) fare thee well and thanks for reading.


Cathy said...

Genuinely bummed...love hearing what you're up to!

Mary Ann said...

You know I don't like goodbyes, but if it's not fun anymore, what's the point? My blog is pretty limp. I use it to list books and movies, primarily. Even our last trip was only sketchily covered. I know where you're at. But no goodbyes, okay?

Michifornia Girl said...

Oh, no! I can't believe this chapter is closed. Very curious to see your new blog idea, if/when it emerges! :) And your farewell pic is classic and beautiful. Love you guys.