26 May 2015

The mr Y grows - 10 months old - A mover and a shaker

little mister is a big boy now and he can move all on his own. it has brought him a new level of pride and happiness to be able to go and explore where he wants. he has his favorite things to play with in each corner of the house and he makes his rounds as soon as he gets up, the most exciting thing, that always gets him going, is when X wakes up. he gets to see her and go into her room. double bonus!

(cute little boy. dave calls the collared shirt his '1970s TV repairman shirt', i disagree)
(feed me please, so i can have energy to...)
(pull up to standing; swing)
(and play with my sister)
(because i love her)

good young picture books: betty goes bananas, dinosaur kisses

-teeth. top tooth (#6), bottom teeth (#7, 8)

-sick. he got pink eye in his right eye and at the same time an ear infection was discovered in his right ear. neither affected his mood. antibiotics for both things were taken. he finished them up without event (though he shared the pink eye with X). a week later he had pink eye raging in both eyes, a double ear infection, a runny runny green slime nose, coughing, and had a fever one day. fun. and he had ear pain this time. more antibiotics. and FINALLY we were rid of the merry-go-round plague(s) in this house!

-sleep. there seems to be little of this and less for me. he was absolutely all over the place again. my body had no idea what to expect and you can bet my patience was wearing thin. something like 4 months straight of this crazy stuff with only minimal recharge days where both he and i would catch up on sleep.

-eating. he loves it and is very focused and serious about it.

-making noise. he loves and is skilled in the art of banging, clapping, singing, shaking rattles. if he can scrape it, hit it, close it, or shake it to make noise, by golly he will. he will find all the noises in the world!

-mischievous. he tickles X through the back of her chair or bites daves toes. he will look at me before he does it and then giggles when i watch him do it.

-he doesnt seem to be bothered much by minor bumps and bangs.

-vehicles. he has an affinity for cars, trucks, and buses already. he bounces up and down when he sees a bus drive down the road.

-he waves

-he blows kisses

-he is vocalizing lots of sounds, and isnt shy about trying. he is refining his word for X, and i have to say it really is his first word. he can also pretty much say 'mama' and 'äiti' (finnish for mom. we did not teach him this. i now assume its one of those sounds all babies can make and the finnish language scooped it up to be their 'mama' word), though he doesnt really use them to ask for me (although we do get 'äiti' when he is tired and pissed. yay). he likes trying to say 'tree' and can almost perfectly say 'clock'.

-he crawled at 9.25 months

-he pulls up to standing and can (for short periods of time) stand solo. i even saw a half step taken once. and right at 10 months, he taught himself to sit down safely. that was nice.

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