01 May 2015

May = Toukokuu

happy may day!

okay, its already getting hard for me to keep the finnish months in memory (april is a hard one!) but im still interested in the translated meanings, so here goes.

may = toukokuu. a found a few meanings for 'touko': planted, growing crop, and/or springtime field work. all rough equivalents. and indeed, it is a good month to get those seeds in the ground. we have crazy amounts of sunshine going already (i sit here at 9p and the sun is still streaming in. and the birds start singing at something like 3a) and the temperatures are starting to stay steady, and...well, our season just isnt very long here. grow little plants, grow!

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

i can never ever remember the word for april.

we planted green bean seeds on sunday and got our veg and herb plants over the weekend.
of course they get shuffled back and forth in the am/pm but we have them. here's to a good season short as it is.