10 May 2015

A traditional mothers day

on my first mothers day as a mom of two i had perhaps the most traditional celebration yet, and it went for two days.

the saturday before mothers day was our 'real' mothers day i would say. i got to sleep in. there were pancakes cooking with i got up. i got flowers and copious amounts of handmade cards from X. we had a nice relaxing family day at home. we visited with our friends and neighbors who had had their son a week before Xs birthday (X loved meeting the new baby, Y slept right through it). and the pièce de résistance was daves lovely surprise of steak au poivre (pepper-crusted filet with cognac cream sauce) et pommes frites (fries). would have been perfect with a red wine, but alas, still nursing. maybe next year. :) X tried some of it and loved it, so perhaps it will be brought out for other special occasions...

(us meeting the new little mister of our friends and previous landlords. it hardly looks like our old apartment!)
(dinner. it was better looking in person, and way tasty. nom nom)

the actual day of mothers day wasnt so dreamy, Y kindly woke me up some time before 6a. i accidentally spotted Xs official mothers day card (made at daycare) which pissed her off when she woke up (early, some time before 7a). we had a light breakfast and then took a bus ride over to some friends house in the neighborhood called haaga. they actually had a nice vegetarian brunch all cooked up (waffles with all the toppings, GF pancakes, baked beans, fresh fruit, roasted potatoes). after food we played outside a little bit before we needed to get moving for Ys nap. he grudgingly fell asleep on the bus where X decided she should proceed to melt down (shock, she was tired!). we barely dragged ourselves home with our sanity. they were pretty grumpy for the rest of the day and we were glad to see bedtime arrive. so, i got a lovely idyllic mothers day and a classic, text book example of what its like when both kids are doing their best 'i suck at life' impressions. theyre always good for helping balance things out. :)

(a split second of zen on the bus. holding hands)

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