14 May 2015

10th anniversary

happy 10 year wedding anniversary to us!

together for 15 years is even more startling to me, but i also cant believe its been a decade since we got married. we seem like wholly different people from that time, i mean, not at our core, but what we have experienced since then makes me not even remember the mindset of the two people who got married on this day in 2005. well, i do recall a lot of anxiety about being the center of attention during the walk down the aisle, toasts, and first dance parts. oh, and there was the bit of annoyance at the fluffiness of daves hair ;), but other than that it was a whirlwind of a day. i do enjoy looking at the pictures and seeing all the lovely people we care about, and feeling lucky we are still friends with much of our bridal party and extended wedding day helpers.

so the suggested gifts this year are tin or aluminum (or diamond, yawn, they list that for like every anniversary). and what do most people do with that? buy a six pack of beer and a can of tuna fish, to be consumed as your celebratory dinner? who comes up with these, really? eesh. well, this year weve spent more than i care to think about already on a new apple imac (lets say its made of aluminum) and plane tickets for a summer visit to the states (airplane bodies involve aluminum right?). i think weve hit our aluminum quota. you say those arent legit or romantic anniversary gifts? poo. well, does it ease your mind to know that we decided we will replate our white gold bands sometime soon (read: maybe within the next decade), or that we agreed that we will take apart my diamond wedding band that matches my engagement ring and have it reworked into something i can wear separate from the engagement ring (again, this might happen before i die). these actions involve metal, of some sort, and they are linked in meaning to our wedding. but, okay, if that still doesnt cut it...

i submit my abstract take on the 'gift'. its cheesy, and it borrows from the name of a season 2 episode of the tv show 'new girl' and the movie 'toy story'. its not really a gift so much as a catch phrase i could have scrawled in a card, had i taken the time. it does, however, capture the amount and endurance of my love for dave, and so, in the immortal (mostly) words of buzz lightyear,
i love you 't-infinity, and beyond!'
and then, to repost my facebook message about the occasion, another sentiment that is equally true:
thank you for all the gifts that money couldnt buy over the years. i look forward to a treasure chest filled with more.
end of gift. we laughed that we didnt really take this anniversary seriously enough. but Y is still nursing too frequently to properly get away at the moment and grand gestures of tangible items isnt something we really do. id love to have marked the occasion with some amazing travel locale, but we already have our trip to the states this summer. maybe we'll plan to do anniversary #13 up special, mess with the fates a bit. oooo, better yet, lets do something for #12, we will have been together 17 years at that point, my lucky number. at any rate there are other chances, other years, we didnt get to do anything memorable for #5 because X was a newborn, so weve made a habit of not doing the milestone years i guess. so, heres to anniversary #12 in 2017 that celebrates 17 years together. oh yes, i like this idea, i like this very much.

and finally, a collection of wedding photos of dave and i. well, one photo of us at our wedding, and photos of us celebrating other peoples weddings over the years. happy upcoming anniversaries to everyone!

(our wedding)
 (daves cousin adams wedding)
 (my friend lisas wedding)
(new mexican wedding celebration of friends angela and ben)
 (friends georgette and chucks wedding)
(friend missys wedding)
(my cousin alexs wedding)
(ready for friend julies wedding)

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Michifornia Girl said...

So many of those photos bring back a ton of memories! Your take on the whole gift thing is refreshing (and hilarious that you have somehow justified your "aluminum quota"). ALSO. Incredible that Y is still nursing so often it would be difficult to get away! Hopefully we will follow in his/your footsteps for baby #2! :)