11 April 2015

O can-a-da[ve], leave our home and (not) native land? Yes.

dave had some work to do with several colleagues in canada over his easter break from teaching, so he went for 8 days. the rest of us stayed behind.

he left the day before easter and so i started off with 3 non-daycare days with the kiddos. the stores were not even open on sunday and only partly on monday. but, it really helped that Xs friends family invited us on their boredom busting excursions to an indoor playground and the farm. it was tiring but really helpful to bust through the afternoon sluggishness and propel us through to bedtime with tired bodies that were happy to go to sleep.

(smiles at the indoor playground)
 (waiting at the bus stop on our way to the farm)

after that, it was actually easy to get through the rest of the week, there was daycare and routine as normal and then we just had to wait until dinner the next saturday for dave to come home. he brought goodies for us so that was fun. and the solo parenting was over without much fuss. X had a small amount of trouble adjusting to him leaving, she had some night terrors in the beginning and some tantrums, but then we got sorted out and things were pretty smooth. thankfully!

 (pretty happy playing together)
(he started working on crawling!; smiles)

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