26 March 2015

The mr. Y grows - 8 months old - The boy inside is emerging

after all the eating this caterpillar did (and is still doing), the butterfly is finally starting to emerge, and it is beautiful. he is a very balanced guy: sweet and strong, quiet and loud, serious and silly. we look forward to seeing more of his colors as he takes flight into this world.

(guy things: his bucket of vehicles and a UM football gifted to us. it was his first favorite toy, i think this is because of the lovely high contrast school colors. laces are out, good boy.)
(working on his stink face and his standing)
(more serious staring)
(serious eater. indoors and outdoors)
(focused sister-love)
(sweet faces)

-ultrasound. done at the childrens hospital just to make sure things were okay. his head/brain looks fine.

-nurse appt (8 month). he weighed 22 lbs (10 kg) and was 29.5 inches tall (75 cm).

-dr appt (8 month). everything is normal.

-colds. he got his second cold in life which came back around as his third, and then again as his fourth (im done counting these by the way). they brought congestion at night, runny nose during the day, with clinginess off and on. overall, id say he was rather patient with it. my sleep was crap though.

-teeth. got his 3 top-front teeth (#3, 4, 5) at 7.5 months.

-sleep. he averages about 2 hours of naps per day, 8.5-10.5 hours of sleep at night. the amount of times ive been woken up at 4a and had to be awake playing for 1-3 hours is now too numerous to count. :(

-socializing. ive started taking him to the neighborhood 'family breakfast' cafe on wednesday mornings. he likes looking at the kids and there are a few boys his size that are fun to mimic.

-reading. this has been harder than with X. well, i mean, he doesnt enjoy it in the same way and so im having to be patient, which is the hard part. he likes to touch books, bang on them, run his fingers down the pages and make squeaky noises, its just that the stories barely register. he does seem to like 'eight silly monkeys' though. and another good one from the library was 'animal noises' (flintham).

-food. he loves it. he bounces up and down when we sit at the table and food comes his way. he also mostly just eats it and never throws it, rarely drops it, although he does sometimes test it for use as hair gel...

-he loves things with wheels. he digs out cars/trucks from his toy bin and can spend 15 minutes spinning the wheels back and forth with his thumb.

-it seems like he will wean earlier than X did. he can go to sleep for naps without nursing sometimes. i can (sometimes) lay him in his bed, calm, and he can get himself to sleep. and sometimes he stirs awake at night but just wants to be held a bit to get back to sleep, no nursing.

-noise. he likes to bang on things and clap and splash water and shake rattles.

-X. he loves her so much and is very infatuated with her. he stares at her for long periods of time and likes to reach out and touch her face. when she is gone if i show him a picture he says 'gah gah' (which we have determined is his word for her, seriously, its a very clear two syllable sound he makes just for her name).

-he pulled up to standing at 6.5 months

-he throws his body around to get at things he wants. he really seems to want to move.

-he seems very right-handed already

-he 'talks' a lot

-he likes to stick out his tongue

-he probes things with his forefinger

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