19 March 2015

End of winter in the city - 2015

the season was gloomier than normal but we managed. at least the temperatures stayed around freezing most of the time and was stable enough to keep snow when it came. i found it to be much better than last winter, which was much too wet.

(we had enough snow for some fun this year)

-virka gallery exhibit. this exhibit was called a story garden. there were a few specific items/scenes from famous finnish childrens stories as well as lots of books and encouragement to explore. the show area was small but inviting. just the right size to maintain interest.

(favorite moomin characters: the groke and the hattifatteners)
(reading a book in the collection together)

-sledding to daycare. there were several days this winter where i was able to sled or at least pull the sled to daycare to drop X off. i cant think of anything more fun, some of my most favorite days. and there were even some rides that Y took with X. she really enjoyed that.

-jaal. they deliver (or did). a mix of pizza, kebabs, and indian food offerings. the indian food is decent enough, the price is right, and the delivery is a real life saver on the occasional night when we just dont have it in us to organize dinner. plus, you can order the food on-line!

-ciao! caffe & wine bar. this is just around the corner from senate square on the second floor. they have decent gelato and smoothies. nothing impressive, but a good stop-in if we are hungry for a quick snack.

-mambo. the indian/pizza/whatever-else takeout in our neighborhood shopping center. this place is new so we tried it out. food for a good price and the flavors are pretty good. we ordered the indian dishes and X got the pizza. nice to have a place in quick walking distance to grab dinner.

finn notables:
-kirppis. our neighbors were organizing a kirppis (aka indoor yard sale or flea market) and i decided to join in. if nothing else, i figured i would get to be a part of something very finnish. it was certainly interesting, seeing the things people were trying to sell, how they valued them, what people bought, how they acted. they are definitely big on reselling kids clothes here (this makes a lot of sense to me) and womens clothes seem pretty popular too. this was kind of confusing to me because its not like these were cool vintage pieces, just things that people didnt fit in or want anymore. i would have to think its hard to find the right size, style, fit of other peoples clothes to make it worth your while to sift through the stuff, but then again, maybe you get good at shopping like that. its too overwhelming for me. as for the kirppis itself, i ended up breaking even i think, bought some boy clothes from people and sold a few things myself.

-norwegians. im realizing i know almost nothing about them. i cant figure out why. they seem as mystical and secretive as forest gnomes. i thought that was supposed to be the finns. although, i mean, we live here, and not norway, so its hard to judge that. but the swedes and danes do a good job of being visible and marketing themselves and their products, authors, style, etc. i cant pick out norwegian anything: clothing brands, books, design, names/words or even stereotypes. who are those people? we must get there one day to investigate. for now they are just over there on their gorgeous coastal land being rich and mysterious...

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