09 March 2015

Dave is 35

he's 35 people. 35.

this is the kind of birthday that worries me much more than 30 ever did. we are nearing 40 now! body deterioration age (to hear anyone over said age tell it). this is frightful! but i digress.

i collected a few beers dave hadnt yet discovered as his gift. X suggested a cinnamon cake for dear ol dad, so i found a recipe that fulfilled that requirement. X donated her artwork as an additional gift. and the universe sprinkled on an un-healthy dose of death resistant germs. the aforementioned germs later got passed on to the male infant and father and son went into a 2 month long cough and congestion spiral that made me want to tear my hair out. it kept fading and resurging, fading, resurging. not cool. thankfully Y was pretty patient about his condition, father...not so much. this does not bode well for the years when i become this mans caregiver. but i digress yet again. happy thoughts. um...happy birthday dave!!! and many more!

(his health was already fading when this picture was taken)


tracie @ beets+birch said...

happy birthday dave!

it's true after 35 it all kind of goes to shit and time goes way too fast.
keep movin and enjoy all the little good moments. that's my birthday advise on aging oh and eat cake and drink good beer (or wine) at every opportunity.

i feel for you on the man illness. as you know there was the throat thing here and many times in that 2 weeks i thought of our old old age and care taking. punch to the face.

Mary Ann said...

Damn. Does this mean I'm getting older?