22 February 2015

Oscarsss Ssstyle: sleek, sophisticated, safe

and weve come to the close of another awards season. the oscars dresses were lovely this year, but its certainly a polarizing time when people tend to either go safe or stupid. this year most people went safe, and thats okay. id say perhaps more than most years people looked very mature and sophisticated, demanding that they be taken seriously. i'll bite. but, it did make it hard to find anyone to call a favorite standout.

(cate blanchett nails the hair, makeup and gorgeous necklace. i wish i could see more detail on her dress but its a lovely silhouette; rene russo just popped back on the scene for a minute with her feminine waves. i like it. and keira knightley has schooled everyone on how to do award season while pregnant. she wins.) 
(other notables: rosamund! THIS is how you dress a body, post-baby or otherwise. the hair, makeup, and dress work for you. not a big fan of the slit, but i can get over it. and emma stone, i dont know what to do with the color exactly, but it goes nicely with your coloring and lipstick. love the dress detail and hair. and gwyneth paltrow, youve gotten so weird in recent years and this color is obviously a nod to your iconic [and boring, in my opinion] 1999 dress. but, the fit of the dress and the color work for you. the flower reminds me of charlize therons 2010 flower boobs, or paula pattons 2014 fabric waves, but its not totally offensive here) 
(jlo, it was a step up from your golden globe dress and i thought it was lovely...and then i saw it on another person and felt a little bad that it had to share the spotlight [with robert duvalls wife])
(couples were just kinda 'meh' this go around. sophie hunter [plus baby bump] and benedict cumberbatch looked sleek. channing and jenna tatum looked sleek and sophisticated as well)
  (jen, this dress looks like chic beach wear. blah. reese, the waist area is nice but the rest is blah and the slick-parted hair looks kinda greasy. julianne moore...come on, this is shapeless and looks like a disease under a microscope)
 (musical mistakes aka red herrings. singer lady gaga terrifies with those radioactive-protective red gloves. singer solange knowles looks like a she-devil. behati prinsloo [with singer husband adam levine] also looks like a disease under a microscope)
 (post-baby bodies. again, i dont want to point fingers, i want to applaud them in other ways, but their dress choices arent a reason. scarlett looks lovely in green and i like the hair and makeup, but the necklace and boob area are not doing it. zoe saldana just had twins. her hair and body look great, this dress color and boringness arent flattering. her vanity fair party dress was much more lovely.)


tracie @ beets+birch said...

i don't watch any of the award shows.
'disease under a microscope' you know that cracked me up!
agree on the jen beach wear and the hair. fail.

Mary Ann said...

I like Jlo and Cate. Scarlett's was kind of creepy.