19 February 2015

End of the feline era in our household

our cat, nutmeg, has died.

only 8 months after dave and i started dating we thought it would be a good idea to embark on pet ownership (if only i had a time machine...), and that 14.5 year journey has come to an end. she lived with us in our first apartment on main street in ann arbor, and since then, apart from a few short stints living with others when it wasnt possible to be with us, she has been with us in two other apartments in ann arbor, to wyoming, two apartments in canada, and two apartments in finland. for an animal who cowered at the thought of change or travel she was really quite worldly.

but we loved her because she was not the typical cat in that she always wanted to be near people, to be touched, to be noticed, to be loved. she was a nice non-child household companion and an even better friend to the kids. she happily embraced both of them as soon as they came home from the hospital, always staying near them and being ever so patient with the hair/tail pullings.

we were all so lucky to have had a nice start to the morning with her. she had been limping a bit for the past few days which had happened before, she was old. i had petted her and massaged around to see if it was causing her pain and it wasnt. this morning, she cried out in pain while lying down and suddenly her hind legs stopped working, apparently a blood clot became lodged and had permanently and instantly paralyzed her. of course she freaked out and started getting sick, so we got her in the bathroom and X was able to comfort her a bit while dave cleaned up. i took X to daycare and made a call to the vet, mercifully they had an appointment in 30 minutes. dave and i took Y and the cat in a taxi. it didnt look good, it was heart failure and permanent paralysis and lots of pain. thankfully the choice was easy. i stayed with her while she was put into the comfortable sleep and then the final 'deep sleep' meds were given. and that was that. she was gone. i hope she enjoyed living with us, and im sorry she wont get anymore sunshine naps on the porch. thank you for your love kitty.

(her favorite places in the early days)
(enjoying life at our second ann arbor apartment)
(summer road trip to live with me in cheyenne, WY)
(halifax apartment. me preggo napping, her post-butt surgery napping with head cone)

(love from X)

(X sleep guardian)
(X friend)
(X & Y groupie)