26 January 2015

The mr. Y grows - 6 months old - What ever happened to predictability?

the nursing, the napping, my evening sanity? this whole month was whack (though, to be fair, this kids schedule has never been what could be called 'predictable'). in terms of demeanor, Y was pretty nice about the whole thing, but i cant be so pleasant on so little sleep. he became more of an independent member of the family this month though, growing bigger, learning to sit, joining us for food at the table. i just cant believe how chill he can be on so little sleep. he and X, two sides of the same coin. i guess i make kids who love being awake, alert, seeing, doing, going. zzzzzzzz.

(beefy bro; pretty prince)
(food!; sitting!)
 (sister stares)
(love grabs)

-5 month nurse appt. 18.5 lbs, 27.5 inches tall, and his head growth seems to have stabilized. got 3 vaccines and was fine about the it.

-6 month growth spurt. holy crazy batman. eating, eating, every 45-90 minutes. day and night. literally.

-first teeth. got his bottom 2 teeth at around 5.5 months.

-special appointment at the childrens hospital. this was mostly to check his head size and confirm things were fine. we had really smooth, fast service. just to be safe, they scheduled an ultrasound in a couple weeks.

-6 month appt. 20 lbs, 27.5 inches tall, head growth stable.

-he sits in high chair at the table. he is trying more food, but we arent actually doing 'feedings' yet, just offering tastes of things still. he has started lunging at things he really likes (sweet potato, pears, beans)

-sleep. before his wackiness he was actually only waking 1-3 times overnight, that is no longer happening. i dont think ive mentioned it but with him we arent co-sleeping. i tried but it doesnt seem to be his thing. he never figured out or liked breastfeeding laying down so being next to me isnt helpful, i still have to pick him up and nurse sitting up. plus he seems to like his own bed, which is next to me. he is a very quiet sleeper and he pretty much doesnt stir. very different from X.

-us citizen in waiting. in january we had our US embassy visit. oh man. our country is something else. we arrive 15 minutes early, expecting to have time/space to get the kids fed and comfortable before we have to do boring/serious interview/paperwork stuff. nope! we are forced to wait outside on the stoop in front of a high gate surrounding the embassy and its guard shack (its a blustery morning, several degrees below freezing). you talk through the bulletproof glass and say you have an appointment and give them your passport for check-in. then you wait out in the cold until they call you in, one at a time, to go through security. if you have children with you, only one child per parent is allowed to enter at a time. so we sit outside for 15 minutes shivering and trying to keep Y from melting down in hunger and X from screaming from temperature discomfort (we cant really go anywhere or walk around to keep ourselves warm because we are waiting to be let inside). finally they allow one set of us in, dave and Y go first. then X and i get to follow. after we pass the security point we are ushered back outside across a small courtyard, into the actual embassy building. there we are guarded by a worker and wait for our name to be called. we go in to the interview room and the paperwork process is actually fairly quick and straight forward. they dont give us a hard time. we are getting Y his citizenship, SSN, and passport all at the same time, as well as getting X her renewed passport. then we have to go back to the waiting room and wait with the general pool of people to sign additional documents and to pay. while waiting during this part, we witness several foreigners (foreign to the US) attempting to get visas for study or whatnot get denied. eesh. we are quite the country.

-he is very calm, and can already do long-ish periods where he plays and entertains himself

-he likes his cheek stroked sometimes to go to sleep

-he seems to stroke his hair a bit while sleepy, like X does

-very physical. he pulls toys off his bouncy chair's toy bar and grabs onto the sides of his chair and squirms out onto the floor when the opportunity presents itself

-he LOVES grabbing his feet

-he sits (though is still not always stable at it)

-on his belly he appears to be trying early crawling. he pulls his legs under himself and tries to reach toward something in front of him

-he plays his own version of peek-a-boo (he turns his head away from someone and then looks back, smiling. or, he pulls his shirt over his head when getting a diaper change and then peeks at you)

-he found his voice to make fake coughing and shrieking noises. joy.

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

look at those little people you made!!!!
Y is getting SO BIG all sitting at the table!!!!
bahahaha beefy bro!!!!

i adore the pics with the kids together!

i read the embassy account to tom. he said it was a different world when he did the processing with the boys which is so true, there wasn't such a need for the security safeguards to be in place back then... sadly we live in a different world now.