05 January 2015

Momma mentionables: First speed bump with two kids

let the record show that i finally hit a wall (or, i guess i did continue to keep moving, so perhaps maybe more like a speed bump) being cooped up with 2 kids at home. that day was today, january 5.

i suppose this day could have been predicted a long way off. i had gone from that full week of solo parenting before the holidays, into 2 straight weeks of having everyone at home without any real agenda (though kudos to dave for hitting his to-do list hard and crossing nearly everything off!), and then, when everyone was nearly at their wits end from the holiday break boredom, dave went back to work in the middle of Y starting an exhausting growth spurt. oh and daycare had still not re-opened, i was done. done. i yelled. i cried. i barely kept it together. and then the next day came and was a tiny bit better. and then the storm subsided.

i shouldnt be too surprised i suppose, this winter vacation time was hard for me last year as well (being bored and cooped up), but was really hard for me this year. it was the first time 2 kids felt overwhelming. it was too much. the only relief was when we had the rental car and could come up with things to get us out of the house, that interested us, that took up time, and were easy for us to get to. i will need to come up with more ideas next christmas break, but at least it appears that dave wont be doing his california meeting again, so at least we can all finally be home leading up to the holidays and can go into the time off better prepared.


tracie @ beets+birch said...

ohhhh i hate to feel cooped up!
some times you just have to lose your shit to get things back into alignment or drink heavily. both work for me. the next day i'm ALL BETTER! :D

yeah for mexican feast and dinner parties and road trips and that spring will come at some point!

Cathy said...

Right there with you. So over being cooped up with nothing to do!