01 January 2015

January = Tammikuu

so, id like to have an entry at the start of each month this year that gives the translation for the finnish name of the month and a brief amount of further information.

ive been trying to learn finnish by osmosis (lol) since that beginners finnish course i took late in 2013 (practicing the language seems impossible because i have no real need to use it, like i did in france). its been working reasonably well in terms of better understanding peoples general gist, but when i look at the names of the months they just do not stick in my brain. here is my attempt to rectify that...

January = Tammikuu

lets start with the fact that 'kuu' means 'moon' in finnish. you will see it at the end of each months name. this makes sense since moon cycles are the length of about a month, so, a long time ago it would have been a good way to measure time throughout the year.

currently, 'tammi' means 'oak', but, in some old finnish dialects it meant 'heart' or 'core' (typically referring to a tree) as well. this months name refers to the fact that it is in 'the heart of winter'.

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