28 January 2015

Dinner party for the growing lab

daves research group is growing and he had a visitor from germany in the lab this week too, so we had a dinner party. everyone enjoyed themselves.

we made it easy on ourselves and planned a mexican do-it-yourself dinner, our most typical meal made for guests. X was excited to have people over, some of whom she remembered/knew (jorina and matthias). matthias was back in town (he works with daves phd advisor who is now in germany) and there is a new member joining daves research group (post-doc lars), as well as a masters student we hadnt met yet (niclas).

to prepare, X chose to have her hair braided and wear her rapunzel dress. she also made signs for the bowls of salsa we set out. lol. she did take a while to get comfortable when the first guest, lars, but once more people showed up she felt more at ease. she even wrote an impromptu thank you note for matthias because he had given us chocolates as a gift (earlier in the week dave had brought these home). everyone was very kind and made interesting conversation and X was able to occasionally participate and they patiently listened to stories of her toys before she said good night.

X went to sleep easily, thankfully, and the group mercifully went home at 10p. we cleaned up before bed and were tired but happy to have such nice people over.

the next day X said she would like to have parties every 3 weeks. lol.

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