20 December 2014

Two against one as dave heads for the sun (and clouds) of california

from december 14-20 dave was off in san fransisco for the annual AGU meeting. this was great for him in many ways, notably because he was invited to be a guest speaker, which is an honor. and so i was left alone in the finnish winter darkness with a 5 month old and 4.5 year old. things actually went well.

dave left on a sunday after breakfast and then we just slowly and patiently went about our business. i just kinda lived in the moment, put out fires/tantrums, patiently waited through the harder hours of the day (3-5p) and just marched along until bedtime. happily, the weekday, with the help of daycare, went very well, and then we only had to face down the full saturday without going crazy. and voila! it was over. thankfully i stamped out the few panic attacks that tried to bubble up and i was able to make dinners and get them to bed and shower and sleep enough myself to take care of everything. it was still too eerily quiet at night for me, but it was much more doable than i had dared hope. i might have to do it again in the spring when dave goes to canada, so im hoping for a similar kind of repeat.

once again, im glad im not a military wife and im glad dave doesnt do month-long field work, but im happy to have seen that i can manage a week with them and without help. it also reeeeeally helped that no one got sick. so, thanks universe. :) dave brought back gifts in the form of a suitcase full of clothing and food. nom nom.

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

you rocked it out mamma!