26 December 2014

The mr. Y grows - 5 months old - Ham sandwich, in demeanor and body type

what else is there to say but that we are still enjoying every minute with him. the more he interacts with us the more we see what a ham sandwich he is. such adorable little smiles and coy looks, long eyelashes and silly giggles. he just soaks it all in and smiles back his appreciation and love. he is so tolerant and patient and serene. i would like to absorb some of whatever it is that centers him. oh, and he is also a gigantic beast.

(hamming it up for whoever looks at him)

 (working on new skills)
 (sister love)
 (mama/papa snuggles)
-3 month nurse appt. he was 15.5 lbs, 24.5 inches tall and his head was somewhat alarmingly large (17 inches), so they want to know daves head and height measurements to see if this is something to worry about or not.

-4 month nurse appt. he was 17 lbs, 26 inches tall and his head was still getting bigger.

-4.5 month dr appt. he is doing great. his head size checks out as just being big. hes going to be a big boy (wearing 12 month clothes now!).

-sleep pattern. he does about a 20-30 nap in the morning, then 1.5-2 hours in the early afternoon and then needs a top-up nap anywhere from 5-45 minutes later in the day, depending on how much he slept earlier. then he does a block of about 10 hours of night sleep (3-5 hours at first, then 1.5 hour wake ups until morning).

-he has taken a few naps like a finnish baby: in his snow suit, on the porch in a bassinet. he looks so comfortable and peaceful out there, and he never even has cold cheeks...though he hasnt done this when its been far below freezing.

-nicknames: (mr) chunky, chunky goo goo, mr [Y], [Y] bops, solid meat, handsome sauce

-has been given tastes of a few foods (like he got to lick the item): bananas, rice, clementine, black beans

-he is absolutely in love with dave and X. smiles, giggles, staring. love.

-he has started listening to stories, what i read to X, as well as baby books. he seems to like 'the very hungry caterpillar' a lot.

-he can spend way more time chilling on the floor than X ever could at this age.

-he loves being outside. its very interesting and calming for him. he has fallen asleep while riding on my lap on the swings with X.

-he likes the stroller when he is awake now. we are done with the bassinet and he is in the forward facing seated position. under certain conditions he is even willing to sleep in the stroller now.

-he likes screens. no, loves them. they arent often on, but if he is nearby...its gonna be hard to keep kiddo #2 away from them.

-he is very determined, focused, and patient when he is doing something. he can try to rollover for 20 minutes sometimes without getting frustrated.

-he can roll from belly to back (4.25 months), and back to front (4.75 months), though he doesnt really use rolling as a way to move around much yet.

-he can stand up and we often only need to use one hand to steady him.

-he really likes to pitch himself forward (in his chair, on our lap) and get into an upright sitting position

-hes grabbing things, but not really rabidly putting it in his mouth yet


Meg said...

Solid meat! Great nickname. Sounds like he is doing well.

tracie @ beets+birch said...

HAM SANDWICH! i laughed out loud! what a little chunk of love!!!

what a good baby he is!