09 November 2014

Finnish fathers day fawning

for whatever reason X was really excited about fathers day this year. i think all forms of celebration have really interested and excited her this year. papa was the latest victim of her excitement storm.

so for 'celebrating', i did a little crafty thing for dave with the kids foot and hand prints that i thought up, and then X drew tons of pictures for him and wrote 'papa' on everything. lol. she even expertly helped me pick out the pastry to make him for breakfast (korvapuusti, aka cinnamon rolls), and he really liked that. he also got to sleep in a bit and take a nap with Y later on in the day. hopefully he enjoyed his day. :)


to add my sentimental two cents, id like to say that since having two kids dave has surprised me more than ever. i feel like he is much better at work time management (because i suppose he has to be), he seems to have a nearly unlimited pot of energy for family things, he is motivated and focused on our needs (not that he wasnt before), and he even works from home some days (which is something i thought i would lose forever). its been really great to feel like i have a stronger partner and bond than ever rather than to feel the stress/work of two kids pulling us apart. fatherhood always looked good on him, but he seems to really embody it now and it benefits him too. i dont mean to sound bitter or annoyed, truly, but it really seems that being a married family man (for those who want it) is the best lot in life, in terms of health and happiness. dave has an interesting, stimulating job that stretches him in all sorts of ways and where he gets to achieve and travel and be challenged in character building ways, and then he can come home to a comfortable place (most nights) where he is a celebrity and gets smiles and hugs and attention from little people who he can share all his favorite things with. and, i assume, that i too figure in there as the one staying at home so he can travel and fulfill his job activities, to be someone else at home who thinks he's great, to talk to, to hear him. yes im romanticizing family home life a bit, it is also stressful at times, but on the whole i can see why studies so regularly find that married men lead longer happier lives than basically any other group. and i suppose it helps that for now im comfortable in my spot and responsibilities in the family too. :)