12 October 2014

Whipp visit

daves parents made the trip over to meet Y, play with X, and explore finland. i think everyone came away with nice memories.

for my part, it was nice to have more people at the dinner table each night. it meant i got to make some desserts, buy a few of the things at the grocery store i'd been waiting to try, and interact with more human beings than i regularly get to. having the guests be family who were very happy to be sharing their evenings with us, as well as stories of their day as tourists, was a shining bonus.

they were here for two weeks and we saw them most days, though not every day. the pace was nice for everyone. we are very lucky to have people who are willing to make the long journey over.

our weekday dinners: grandparents playing with X, adult chatting, and just generally 'being' together

weekend activities (typically only involving dave and X with the grandparents): eating at stockmann, eating nepalese food, visiting daves work, exploring the haltia nature center

(grandma and Y)
(grandpa and Y exchanging smiles)

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tracie @ beets+birch said...

ohhh that sounds like a nice visit!
that trip over is rough glad they made it worth their while and stayed on for 2 weeks!