17 August 2014

3 week baby stay-cation ends in a birthday celebration

dave took 3 weeks off work for paternity leave. it was nice but strange having all 4 of us home with no agenda. id say that certainly dave was un-used to it, but he was great in every way. however, i dare say he will be quite happy to get back to work, its hard being home with and in charge of a headstrong, active kid non-stop for 3 weeks straight, not to mention sharing said home with a newborn.

i was basically housebound, couch-bound most parts of the day feeding the little mister so he would plump up. i tried to get out and hang out with X as much as i could, which ended up being more than i expected and i think it was enough to keep any baby-stealing-mom-resentment at bay, for now. dave came out of the stay-cation gates with lots of steam for daily excursions with X that were quite fun (swimming, playgrounds, nature walks, a movie at the theater, etc) but by the end of week 3 we were all a little stir crazy to move on to the next stage of this family configuration...regularly scheduled life. we finished off the end of our time together with a birthday weekend for me involving lots of chocolate cake (yum) and a nice family photo.

 (sibling love)
 (3 of the 4 togetherness)
(the whole family in front of annala mansion)

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