07 July 2014

Yeah we're movin on down, to the backside

moving week. it arrived, finally!

our new apartment is actually just behind and down the hill from our old apartment in the same style of building, though this apartment is slightly larger (810 sq ft as opposed to 670 sq ft). the landlords are a lovely finnish family who are moving with their 3 boys to take over the dads family farm (they grow hay). our old landlords are kind people, and we are lucky enough to have these nice new landlords as well. very lucky.

we started moving on sunday june 29 by having a student in daves department help dave move all our boxes from the old apartment to the new one. this occurred in only two loads and we were finished in the early afternoon. our moving day was rainy but it went well and everyone was getting excited to make the transition.

on june 30, IKEA delivered all of our new furniture in the morning so we could get started on the next task...making the new place our home. it took 7 days to build all of the 14 pieces of furniture but it was worth it. after daycare, dave and X began on her bed, she was a real helper (very excited too) and loved the end result. it was so nice getting her a bed that really suited her, instead of just getting by with the bed we used in the old place. she loved practicing climbing up and down the ladder of her bunk bed.

(helping to put the slats in her bunk bed)
(helping to build a kitchen chair)

on july 1 we were cleaning the old place and shuttling things back and forth from the old apartment to the new one. my friend tracie was wonderful enough to come by with her car and we took a full carload of our last minute things over to the new apartment.

on july 2 (we had gotten permission to stay an extra night in the old apartment because the mattresses werent ready to sleep on in the new place) we took the cat over to the new place and all of the final things. now we were outta the old place and on to settling into the new.

it took us until sunday, july 6 to really have things unpacked and be in a state that we could, if necessary, comfortably entertain guests, or welcome a baby. and now we have the fine tuning details left.

im quite happy with the new place and X has already been enjoying the playground area. she has a good friend who lives in this building so they have been out playing together. her transition over here was pretty easy, her sleep wasnt nearly as affected as i expected. i think it was really time to make her a bedroom that worked for her. so that has been great.


Mary Ann said...

Nice. Sounds like a pretty smooth transition. Lucky you.

beets+birch said...

happy to help! :)
and hey... that's me over on your blog list! thank you for the shout out <3