26 July 2014

Long awaited meeting

fooled ya...this isnt a post about meeting the baby.

so, the virtual friendship with my swedish-speaking finn friend, hannah, that began back when dave got the interview for his finland job, just got real...in-person real. she came back to finland to visit friends and family this summer with her daughter. so this was the first time that we were both in the same place at the same time. we planned to get together, and the connection between us and also our girls was a lovely surprise.

first up, was a weekend meeting at her old stomping grounds (she grew up in vuosaari [the eastern edge] of helsinki) on the beach in rastila. her mother was also kind enough to come with us and we spent a lovely, calm, and interesting saturday relaxing with these wonderful people who i felt we had known for a long time. our girls right away found something between them and they played and had fun together the whole time. they each talked excitedly about the other afterward and seem to have made a real connection.

(Xs initial scrutiny...)

secondly, we randomly decided to head over to linnanmäki the next saturday (it was a cool, grey-ish breezy day that i knew would be my last good chance to lug the belly up there this summer), and lo and behold we bumped into them! the girls were so surprised and happy to see each other again and they rode a couples rides together. we spent the rest of our time at the park with them, and i got to meet hannahs sister-in-law in person too (ive also been facebook-ing with her, to get to know various things about helsinki). so it was a great surprise and nice to have met more of her family.

(the girls and hannah on the airplane ride...they wouldnt let me on; the girls sharing a horse carousel ride)

lastly, we were lucky enough to have them over for a playdate the day Y was born too (more info to follow). since it was hot and i didnt really know what was going on with my body, it was absolutely fabulous to have something to entertain and distract all of us. plus, i think it was a really positive experience for X to have that energy going into the babys arrival. hannah was lovely enough to even personally drive me to the hospital, with her daughter in tow, so that i wouldnt have to go alone in a taxi. such a great gift. even when things dont get to go as youd fully wish (of course it would have been great if dave could have been with me, but X needed him) you can find some pretty amazing alternatives if you have an open mind.

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