27 July 2014

Hospital stay heat

i stayed in the hospital for about 22 hours after Y was born. that was plenty for me.

after Y was born, i was able to call dave and X from the delivery room and they were allowed to come and hang out with us. they arrived pretty quickly via taxi. while we waited for them, Y nursed and relaxed. he was an expert right away with his latch, but he was a little tired and disinterested in the activity. it was nice to see he already had the hang of it though.

when X arrived she was very curious, and sweet, and mature, and excited. it was so cute to watch her. everything was just calm and relaxed and we all were just there, together. i also ate a dinner of sandwiches over Ys head. then i was checked by the midwife and okayed to get up, so then i got a lovely shower (much better than post-delivery with X). then it was getting to be time to leave the delivery room and go to the recovery ward so X and dave left, with her a new lizard (toy) friend in tow. we gave it to her, at the hospital, to be the new brother of her current favored blue lizard toy. she really loved that.

(everyone meets)

i was the first one in to our recovery room so i chose the nice spot by the window. the damn place had no AC though so everywhere was very uncomfortable (no AC in the delivery rooms either!), it was about 84F that day and the next. later, my roommate arrived, and thankfully she was also an experienced mom so our babes didnt cry for too long each time throughout the night. Y was happy to sleep in his hospital crib next to me (unlike X) so i got to lay all by myself in bed, which was a great thing in the sticky heat. blah.

during the night, he needed a few diaper changes (they dont provide baby wipes at the hospital. i think people in finland often just rinse their babys bum off in the sink under warm water instead), but other than that he mostly nursed and went back to sleep. in the first 24 hours he was super mellow, very easily slept alone and was able to be moved, asleep, without being irritated.

(from the hospital crib)

at some point in the hospital, as gas pains arrived and created discomfort for Y, i realized that he likely is lactose/dairy intolerant. after his delivery i had cheese with lactose and butter. then all there was for me to snack on in the recovery wards fridge before breakfast was cheese. so i had some. then i had cheese and yogurt again for breakfast at the hospital. and yogurt again for lunch. each nursing gave him more and more gas and he was increasingly more and more uncomfortable. im glad at least i was able to react quickly and save ourselves weeks of screaming and lost sleep and worry. big thanks to miss X for teaching us about that one!

the hospital was crowded with women in the recovery wards, and without AC i was ready to go home. it was also boring without anything to do (no wifi, no TV, no regular visits from a nurse). these measures are meant to promote bonding with baby, but i was ready to do that at home. we got a visit from the wards baby doctor and Y was given a thumbs up for leaving early. you get to leave the hospital without naming your baby in finland, which was different from the high pressure we felt to fill out the birth certificate form in canada before you leave the hospital. we did get a hospital birth certificate for the US embassy/citizenship filing saying 'boy whipp' was born. we do, however, also have to get an official finnish birth certificate with his name on it (supposedly info on this comes in the mail at some point from the maistraatti).

at around 3p the day after Y was born, X and dave came to pick me up with the car seat and we took a cab home. back at home, we celebrated after dinner with GF vanilla cupcakes with a hefty amount of homemade chocolate chocolate chip frosting and some lovely flowers. Y slept through the meal in his car seat so i got to eat with two hands. yay!

(flowers and cupcakes)

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MDB said...

I love how sweetly X is looking on in each of these pics. She looks amazed. Miss her (and you!).