26 July 2014

Happy birthday 2.0 Y-ou!

our little mister (Y) was born today, on his grandma mary anns birthday. it was definitely a surprise birthday party. heres how the day played out...

id been having fake contractions of a similar discomfort/pain level for a week or two so the first ones this morning seemed like business as usual. i started to have perhaps a few more than normal on our grocery store trip at 11a. but, it was hot out and the walking to/from felt like quite an excursion so once we got home i put my feet up and/or laid down as much as possible. later, my friend hannah and her daughter came for a play date and i just sat on the couch with my feet propped up the whole time. during the visit i noticed that maybe every 15 minutes i was getting a noticeable contraction, but it was still at about the same pain level as earlier. at 3:20p, i decided it might be good to write them down, even though nothing else of note was happening. at 4p, the mucus plug came out and i figured things had sufficiently started going into action. the pain stayed about the same, however, the timing got closer together. i called my doula and our babysitter (she wasnt available). then i called the hospital (katilöopisto, my first choice hospital, and the nearest) when the contractions were every 5 minutes. they let me come in, even though they were overbooked. i was the last person they let arrive before they 'closed' for a bit. hannah was still here during this and so we told the girls the baby wanted to come and the playdate needed to end.

hannah offered to drive me to the hospital, which was awesome. dave couldnt come with me, but i had a friendly face (not a cab driver) to help me arrive calmly. my doula was able to meet me there right away and, bam, i was all set. my midwife was young and nice and spoke english well and was very calm and encouraging. i got a belly monitor on and got helped changing into hospital gear in between contractions and when i was checked...fully dilated. lol. my water hadnt broken yet though, so i was told that unless i felt like pushing i would just be waiting for the water to break during a contraction. it kept feeling like it wanted to but it wouldnt, or i couldnt get it to go like last time. so, with a contraction, the midwife poked a small hole and it broke. then, holy crap, did i need to push, and it hurt! much more than i remember with X, the pushing hurt!!! i had i think 4-5 pushes this time (only 2-3 with X). i only got his head part of the way out with one of the pushes so i had to hang out with that stretching pain for what felt like forever waiting for the next contraction. damn. i can easily say that was the worst thing i have ever felt. eesh. shudder. but the super duper feeling of relief of being done pushing him out that washed over me afterward...that kind of high can never be duplicated. simply the best, at least i can remember that feeling too, to go along with the worst pain ive ever had. also, the horrible, painful pause with his head stretching meant i only had a first degree tear (instead of second degree with X) and didnt have as much bleeding.

and then he was on my chest. i had had my glasses taken off of me at some point so i was blurry-eyed staring down in his general direction asking 'is it a boy?' lol. the midwife and doula must have been a bit confused. clearly...theres the penis! he also came out with darkish hair (like X) and was very calm after birth. he wasnt crying, not like he was limp and scary not crying, just not crying, like, no big deal, im chill. and perhaps that will be the characteristic that he carries along with him for life. let us all hope.

some stats on the kiddo:
weight: 4060 g (~9 lbs)
height: 50 cm (~20 in)
time born: 6:08p

as for his name, family and friends, via email or facebook, know what it is, but i can offer a further explanation (see below). as for the blog, he will be known here as 'Y' (dave gave me that idea. so weve got the two sex chromosomes, X and Y).

first name: it is an easily pronounceable english version of the city we lived in and loved in france. the deal was sealed on my male name back when i had the dream that he was a boy. the titanics sister ship was called the 'britannic' which is very close to the name of the french province where we lived.

middle name: well he has the same astrological sign as me, plus, its an actual finnish name so he can use it here some day if he wishes.

celebrity babies born around the same date:
-model doutzen kroes welcomed daughter myllena mae
-singer amy lee welcomed son jack lion

shares his birthday with (many) famous people, including:
-actress sandra bullock
-actress helen mirren
-singer mick jagger
-director stanley kubrick
-author aldous huxley
-childrens author jan berenstain
-scientist carl jung
-playwright george bernhard shaw


beets+birch said...

welcome little Y! totally got the x & y reference!

thank goodness you figured out the lactose business early on with him!
no a/c just floors me. cannot imagine how uncomfortable that was with the heat. i would have wanted out of there asap too! :(

MDB said...

You have some awesome birth stories! So happy to read about this one (minus the pain part...eek!).