25 July 2014

Final days before setting sail on the RMS titanic 2.0, party of 4

-on friday july 19 i officially wrapped up my work project, or at least the part i was solely responsible for. that felt nice, plus my advisor was pleased with all my efforts and enthusiastically encouraged me to contact her and the group again once im ready to go at more research, so that was a happy note to semi-end on (im still involved in the manuscript and its [hopeful] future publication). and it was also a happy day for X because she got to stop going to daycare. she gets a bit of a summer stay-cation alone with me until babe arrives, and then we all get 2-3 weeks at home together before dave and X get back to work and their regularly scheduled lives.

-sleep. to fight really restless bad night sleeps ive just been trying to occupy myself until a later bedtime (12:30a-ish) so that im truly tired and then i dont toss and turn as much. my legs are so restless from the time after dinner until about midnight anyway that no matter what im doing i want to be in a different position.

-impulse snack. in order to curb bored eating, ive been crunching ice cubes like a crazy person. truly, dave might think im now borderline OCD about it. after dinner i just have an urge to crunch on something, even though my stomach is full. so rather than just put useless food in my mouth, ive been munching basically a full ice tray every day. plus, roaming back and forth to the freezer has also helped give my restless legs something to do.

-legs. ive noticed that when im using my legs (standing, walking, exercising) and i get a fake contraction, my legs tend to go numb. i guess kiddo is so low that when the muscles constrict so tightly in that area, they are also constricting the blood vessels that supply my legs. so labor should be interesting...

(week 37/38 bump this time; week 37 bump with X)

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