19 July 2014

Buddy brunch and pics of the pad

what a gorgeous weekend day!

sunny, high 70Fs, breezy. these are the perfect finland summer days people live for, and we got one on a saturday so everyone could enjoy it together. today we also spent the morning welcoming our first guests with a brunch. X made friends with this english/finnish-speaking girl at daycare and they happened to (at the time) live in the building behind us, so both of our families got to know each other and weve been hanging out with them more and more. now we actually live in the same building and i think a real lasting friendship is mounting.

anyway, they came for french toast, eggs, bacon, scones, and fruit today and we all had a lovely time. the girls played all over the house testing out all the best nooks and crannies that even this smaller apartment has to offer (theres Xs bedroom of course, but also our balcony has a loft and the walk-in closet became a cat cave pretty quickly). after a nice chat with the parents, their younger daughter needed a nap so they went home and X and her friend continued to play. for hours.

dave and i sat around twiddling our thumbs. we arent used to getting a break on the weekends like this! and all through the late morning and early afternoon little kids from our building were ringing our doorbell to get the girls to come out and play, but they were still working at playing throughout the house. finally after 2-3 hours inside, we made a snack and got them to eat with us outside and then they were motivated to play in the yard and ran off with the gang of kids (they all are about the same age and go the same daycare around the corner), leaving us in the dust.

its a new thing, adjusting to X just being off with friends in the yard, on her own. i havent known how to relax in the house because ive always had to be 'on', watching, being present. but she knows all the paths/places around here and the kids are all very conscious to stay in the yard (they dont wander to other yards/playgrounds...that ive seen). plus, there are so few cars that ever come down our road (and the kid are very aware and alert each other too) that things are just so safe its like a dream. and on these beautiful summer days it all seems that much more surreal, to have her outside living this old-fashioned american childhood. you can still get it here in finland and i just love that.

i also love that we have, more or less, settled in to the apartment now and it really feels like home. my least favorite place is the bathroom, because its a bit tight, but all the other spaces are roomy and well-thought out and it feels really spacious for the size that it is on paper (810 sq ft). i think we will be very happy here. here is a tour of the place, in pictures:

(welcome. our entrance/hallway; the first door off the hallway is our bedroom)
(in the back of our bedroom is an archway into a walk-in closet; the other end of the walk-in closet is a shelf [aka babys changing table] with a nice window)
(the view from the bedrooms)
(the walk-in closet also exits into the next room, our office; Xs room and bunk bed!)
(IKEA stuva set-up across from her bed)

(the bathroom at the end of the hallway has 2 rooms...the toilet room and the all-purpose wash room)
(the living room flows right over into the kitchen in back)
(nice open kitchen with a shady maple tree outside)
(the balcony [with drying rack and kids loft/nook] is off of the kitchen; and our view from the balcony...boulders for eating ice cream on, a flat picnic area above that and off to the left is a deep shady yard)
(the yard has a play house, sandboxes, a slide, swings, climbing equipment, picnic tables, clothes lines and a carpet beating station. it reminds me of nice campgrounds from northern michigan; buddies on the slide)


Mama Bear said...

Love it! It IS very open and airy. It seems bigger than our place. We also used our shelving unit for the changing table. It was awesome until Nate decided that he loves to explore. Now he's changed on our bed (which gives me a bit of pause on the truly yucky diapers).

I especially love everything because we share so much IKEA decor. We'll be bunk-bedding it up as soon as we have the security to do so (Sam is a bit mobile in his sleep, yet).

Have you been to IKEAhackers.net? I love seeing what can be done with all the parts. Most of it is just pretty-ing it up, but still...

Mary Ann said...

It looks wonderful. The natural setting and light colors are so peaceful. Trees are always nice.