30 June 2014

Reading/watching - First half of 2014

-i read bestsellers 'whered you go bernadette' and 'me before you' but thought they were just fiction filler. unless its a certain kind of funny, thought provoking, or romance (when im in the mood), fiction just doesnt grab me as much as non-fiction. and even then non-fiction has to be the right kind of interesting person or subject to draw me in. ive noticed that christopher hitchens and kurt vonnegut are the kinds of writers who i will read whatever they write, regardless of subject matter and always have a good time. so perhaps rather than going after the latest bestseller i should really just find what i like and bathe in it, letting those stories guide me to new ones.

-stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers. 4/5. non-fiction with about 13 chapters of information on various things that dead human bodies get used for or have had done to them throughout history. i thought it was interesting, and was presented with humor as well as respect. michigan was mentioned several times in various chapters pertaining to cadaver use and disposal. it really turned out to be an interesting topic for a book.

-the edge of never. 4/5. this was a good relationship book, but id be hard pressed to call it a typical romance novel. i really enjoyed the use of the greek lovers story of eurydice and orpheus too. i would recommend this to anyone who just wants a good solid love story to read.

-welcome to the monkey house. 4/5. a collection of early kurt vonnegut short stories. he has written about all manner of random topics, but most of the time with a special twist that always makes you think, usually in such a way that your horizons are broadened and your acceptance of something that is 'other' comes more easily. i need to get more of his books.

-don jon. 4/5. joseph gordon-levitt wrote, directed and starred in this one. love him. good story about the reality (or non-reality) of romantic movies and porn and about finding and making real connections with people. it was something different in a genre littered with formulas.

-blended. 4/5. another romantic comedy starring drew barrymore and adam sandler. their first two movies together were so great that this one couldnt beat those, but it was still fun. they have a goofy, sweet chemistry that just works in whatever off-beat plot they wander through. it started out a bit too silly, but they reined it in and it was really cute and sweet. there were tears and laughs and an adorable 'blended family' story. adam sandler hasnt done much well in the past several years, but i think he must see he needs to stick with drew.

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