12 June 2014

Dave work update - 1.5 years on the job

upon winning his second grant funding, i think its appropriate to summarize whats been up with dave at work since the last update, last year (for those who care). i also like lists so this was fun to make, but it did feel like i was an HR person interviewing him for an employee performance review. lol.

scientific papers: 3 papers from previous dalhousie work got published, 1 PhD paper still in the works, 3 dalhousie papers in the works, several other dalhousie-based papers to come

grant money: 2 personal grants (funding for one PhD student and one post-doc) were funded [total: 600K €], as well as being awarded a grant for special computing time on a cluster. also, 1 of 2 collaborative grants applied for were successful.

research group: 1 PhD student in helsinki, 1 summer 2014 undergrad in helsinki, 1 future post-doc in helsinki, on supervisory committee for 3 students (1 PhD, 2 Masters) at dalhousie

courses taught: fall 2013 (geodynamics - grad), spring 2014 (introduction to quantitative geology - undergrad)

conferences/meetings:  germany (HKT workshop, gave a talk, august 2013), san fransisco (AGU, gave a talk, december 2013), espoo, finland (finnish national colloquium of geosciences, gave a talk, march 2014), austria (EGU, gave a talk and was a co-author on 2 posters, april 2014)

committees: 4 (co-coordinator for joint geo-physics program, co-coordinator for department seminar series, steering committee member for lithosphere 2014 symposium, member of "eco" [evolving continents] research community)

other notables: did 2 weeks of work at dalhousie in summer 2013, hosted dalhousie student for 4 days in april 2014, hosted PhD advisor todd (1 week) and todds PhD student (3.5 weeks) from tübingen in may 2014, in charge of departmental funding to design and purchase a high-performance computer cluster, a reviewer for a finnish energy project, a reviewer for 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and 1 NSF grant.

coming up in the next year will be: apply for ERC (european research counsel) starting grant in 2015, attempt to fund another PhD student, continue teaching his 2 courses for 2014-2015, plus he will add a co-taught course (fall 2014 - lithospheric structure and dynamics - grad), attend lithosphere 2014 symposium and EGU 2015 meetings, do collaborative work in pittsburgh, halifax, and norway. *

** his original work contract is for 4 years (until the end of 2016), at the end of this time he will be evaluated to be given a further 3-5 year work contract. at the end of that time, he would be re-evaluated and either given or denied tenure. he is currently meeting all or most of the expected tenure-track 'milestones'. over the past year he has been settling in more, finding his place, contributing to and participating in his academic community, and making research and casual bonds stronger. so its nice that both in family and work life things are going well for us here in finland, currently. **

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Mary Ann said...

How can I express my appreciation? David is a "man of few words" when it comes to his career. If it weren't for you, Alyce, I'd be in the dark, or in the dim. I can tell that he's happy and seems successful, but your updates give me real insights. Thank you so much.