15 May 2014

With socializing and dinner [fe] et al.*

we hosted our first research group dinner party. a success!

it was time to have a gathering...dave recently acquired a german phd student as the first member of his research group and also this week, he has his phd advisor, todd, in town learning some modeling as well as one of todds german phd students (todd leads a large research group at the university in tübingen, germany...we visited there last year). its always great to hang out with todd and it was a good excuse to welcome the other newcomers. we also invited our friend and daves french colleague in his department, francis. dinner party complete!

dave, X, and i worked together to make dinner: a traditional finnish salmon/potato soup (lohikeitto), a strawberry/walnut salad, a finnish blueberry pie (mustikkapiirakka), and we also bought some finnish rye bread (ruisleipä) to finish it off. and the meal went well. everyone arrived on time and they chatted together while i helped X eat dinner. she didnt have to get overwhelmed by all the people sitting at the table with her right away, but they were all hanging out nearby. everyone made X feel welcome in the group but they didnt focus on her so she felt very comfortable and actually really enjoyed being around the table. she even proudly served dessert to everyone (the pie she helped me make) and before she served herself a second piece she asked if anyone else would like another slice (i did not ask her to do any such thing! she did that all on her own).

of course, X then had a hard time falling asleep, but she really enjoyed the dinner. the rest of the group hung out, drinking and chatting until the reasonable hour of 10:30p or so. then they all left en masse which was great because it meant we could clean up and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before bed without either person having to stay up and entertain that pesky dinner guest who still hasnt left, even though its 1a...

it will be nice to have another dinner party when next the opportunity arises. however, it may prove a bit of a challenge with a new little one. at least for a while. but we shall see. everyone had fun at least.

*blog title explanation: so i was trying to combine some play on the phrases 'dinner fête' and 'with liberty and justice for all' (half of the group were american). the usage of 'et al.' is something that gets used a lot in scientific research papers, so i thought it would be funny to use since everyone at the dinner is in academia (from the interwebs: “et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” it is commonly used when you dont want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as “etc.”). the pronunciation of 'et al.' is basically how it looks, thus the reason i thought i could get away with fe - et sounding like fête.

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Mary Ann said...

Your meal sounds yummy, especially the soup and the blueberry pie. And Dexter served it! Perfect.