20 May 2014

So long second trimester

today is the last day of week 27. bye bye second trimester!

(a big thank you to eva for sending the comfy top and for knitting the fabulous scarf!)

theres still no nickname for this kid (unless you count 'the baby'). i think its already fallen into the 'second child' role, but i dont feel bad about that currently. it partly reminds me that, happily, this kid will already be coming into a usually-functioning kid-oriented family. its parents arent going to be totally clueless and/or worried about everything and they already know what a semi-organized routine looks like. im not saying that routine wont be blown to bits and reassembled, but i am saying that we know what a family with a kid looks like and how it flows. i know there will be lots to learn with adding a second one, lots of new things im sure im totally, blissfully unaware of now, but i guess im already in the 'take things as they come' mode. being pregnant, im a bit more tired and uncomfortable, i cant do certain activities with X already due to the belly or safety, but im not feeling guilty about that (im sure im not immune to it coming though). im just doing the best i can and finding ways to make things enjoyable within our limitations, which i think becomes transferrable to when baby comes...just taking stock of what you are capable of in the moment, the day, the week, trying to be okay with it and then making the best of it. eventually you will be more comfortable again, more rested, more balanced, but right now its just not the time for that, life is changing quickly and will be for perhaps the next few years, but at least now i know it can level out to something more manageable. i will try to do my best along the way to remember that because im sure things will move along faster than i know it, and yet never fast enough, in the moment. just like now. this pregnancy feels too long already, on a day-to-day basis, but the lack of full attention and lessened worry is a nice bonus of having done this already once before.

also, our neighbors had a baby back in early march-ish...we can hear the kiddo crying through the walls. its been pretty traumatizing for me. the parents are very nice people and very attentive to their older daughter so im not saying it has anything to do with them. i think their baby was born a bit premature, and so still, even though its perhaps 2 months old, it cries like a new new baby. it also cries inconsolably in these 15-45+ minute stretches all throughout the day and night. they never seem frazzled when they are out on the playground (when baby is sleeping in the stroller) but i wonder how they can be keeping up morale. i dont think X ever cried in the way but then i worry that ive forgotten all the absolutely horrible stuff and that it will all be coming back at me very, very soon.

-definitely feel like my abs have been permanently unzippered. this is more disheartening than i thought, but i guess thats life. i think this also contributes to my pelvic soreness, though thankfully ive found some helpful things to minimize that (for now).

-my constant bloating is likely also due to my abs just opening up in a free for all, by the end of the day i look an extra month pregnant than when i woke up.

-heartburn. so i realize ive had heartburn for most of this pregnancy now, its just different than last time. the acid makes me feel like eating is the only solution to make the sensation go away. and often its accompanied by a constant throat burbling and bubbling. this time there is limited actual burn just more general irritation and discomfort. and unfortunately its so persistent it wears me down some days and affects my mood. and in the last couple weeks the heartburn has increased, and i suspect theres more to come. i now try to avoid things with spice, lemon, tomato, garlic, and some other mystery meals that i havent figured out yet. this could be a bland 3 months. im already mentally planning future freedom meals.

-emotional mood swings. ive found these are really rather minimal, at least compared to last time, and i havent really noticed any pregnancy brain (aka random memory loss).

-i took off my wedding ring already, which is weird because last time my face puffed up right away but my hands didnt until much later. my face seems fine this time, and even most evenings my feet are fine, just my hands.

-im so done with this rash i have on my face. it arrived shortly after i took the pregnancy test and has been holding steady around my lips and chin area EVER since. i hate you, go away.

-ive noticed this spring that my allergies were mild-to-non-existent. normally im sneezing, runny nosed, itchy eyes or something of the like around this tree pollen time but this year, not so much. just a little discomfort in my eyes and nose when i wake up but once i wash my face, all is well. if its the pregnancy hormones, then i heartily thank them (for once)!

week 22/23 appt: my weight gain was ridiculous in these last 12 weeks. this is likely why i was extra sore so early on. my body couldnt handle the sudden, major weight gain. well, i can understand its frustration! however, it does help to have my notes from last time, it was at the 23 week appointment for X that i had a notably depressing weight gain of 8 pounds in one month. so maybe its just the weird time my body prefers to pack it on. also noted at this appointment: my iron was a bit low so i bought a supplement. the babys heartbeat was 145 (about the same as X). everything else was normal. oh, and i was also given my Kela certificate, so now i can apply for finnish maternity leave and (perhaps more importantly, lol) the famous finnish baby box full of stuff, a gift from the government. 

 (week 23/24 this time; week 23 with X)

week 25/26 appt: my weight stayed the same for the past 3 weeks! after the last appointment i changed two things: i chose to drink water when my heartburn was making me uncomfortable since eating didnt really help the situation anyway, except to help gain weight, and i made sure i did a little 20 minute pregnancy exercise video i like each night. the exercise has also helped with the pelvic discomfort, i hope to keep with it as much as i can so i can be more in-shape this pregnancy. also noted at this appointment: my iron was back to normal. the babys heartbeat was about 145. everything else was normal.

second glucose test (week 25). blah, the lady was more militant about the rules this time. she stared at me the whole time while i drank the sugary junk in a container the size of a red bull can. i had 5 minutes to finish it all! it took some concentration not gag while drinking that fast. yuck. glad im done with those tests.

(week 27/28 this time; week 27 with X)


Mary Ann said...

You look great to me. And, guess what. It won't be long.

MDB said...

You look awesome! And I feel like you are carrying so high compared to X. Adorable.