11 May 2014

Mothers day medium

my first mothers day that was welcomed calmly and happily. yay.

this year, for the first time, i easily accepted a day of some brief focus and was able to appreciate it. i wasnt feeling a sense of wanting to escape, or guilt, or like i didnt deserve it. i felt suited to the role and the day. and it only took 4 years! lol. now, of course, life will be flipped upside down in the next few months, so this may just be the calm before the storm, but at least i can hope that in another several years i might again feel a sense of evenness in relation to this holiday. i'll aim low with that hope and perhaps i'll surprise myself and enjoy it next year. :)

as it was, this year i got to be the last out of bed and i was greeted with a flowering plant and some wonderful, homemade gluten-free scones. since we just got back from vacation yesterday, we didnt do anything fancy to celebrate but we were together and we had a nice time.

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Mary Ann said...

We share the same discomfort on Mother's Day. I find myself muttering b*** s*** throughout the day. Like you, I think I've done a passable job and I do feel loved, but what's with the gifts tied with pink ribbons? Now anniversaries, I like. That is reason to celebrate. Oh, yes. I got a really kitschy Mother's Day card from Jenny. It warmed my crabby old heart. She is a treasure(as are you).