03 May 2014

Dave jets off to vienna

dave was gone for 6 days to vienna, austria for the EGU (european geosciences union) meeting. he stayed with dalhousie friends/colleagues (isabelle and djordje) in a nice little apartment and had lots of meals with friends and colleagues, made some new connections, gave a talk on the last day, and basically had a lovely time and a successful business trip. he also kindly brought back some treats for X, a variety of 'manner' brand vienna wafers.

back in finland, X and i had a decent time without him. we managed our day-to-day business well, which is always great. however, i did have a night that involved panic attacks and X didnt sleep well and ended up in my bed half the time which led to a lack sleep for me. but, a friend had us over on the mid-week holiday of vappu (may day, may 1) and that helped ease the burden of being alone. we were both quite relieved when dave got back though, perhaps more so than other trips he has taken, and certainly X seemed quite affected by his absence this time compared to any other work trip.

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