14 May 2014

9th anniversary

just a mellow, mid-week, non-milestone anniversary.

we acknowledged the occasion, but its just #9. perhaps next year we will think up something nice to mark our 10th. we'll see what kind of energy we have. for this year, we had planned to maybe do lunch and pick out some pottery, but im not even sure when that is going to happen, things are just a bit busy right now. plus, dinner usually gives me heartburn and my stomach is smaller than i would like for, say, a 3-course meal, so i figured this was not the year to try a michelin starred place, though i really wanted to. for this year we are just happy to still be having as much fun as we always have, and to love each other with the same enthusiasm. as always, i look forward to many more years to come...as well as that lunch, and that new, as-yet-undecided piece of arabia 'pottery' (the 9th anniversary gift).

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Mary Ann said...

Another blunder. Why can't i be the thoughtful one with the list of birthdays and anniversaries? I totally missed Liam and Neela this year. Sorry. Gotta go write that damn list.