03 March 2014

Oscars 2014: A pleasingly traditional affair

this oscars seemed more even-keeled and traditional than most years, i liked it and hope they can stop switching it up and stay with this vibe, although, the fashion could be punched up a bit.

what i could get from youtube and people.com showed me lovely emotional speeches (jared leto, lupita nyong'o), a beautiful 'in memoriam' tribute complete with a song from bette midler (love her), some fun, warm humor from ellen, and basically some good, solid (albeit a bit tame) old hollywood fashion. i didnt expect to see so many neutrals and black dresses after the rather neutral and black golden globes, but at least there were some fun, rich colors out there and the neutrals that some people chose were so intricate and gorgeous that i was pleased overall. there really werent any 'worst' dressed people either, some were clearly just either not on their game, or were trying to stand out, but nothing i could give a whole-hearted 'worst dressed' to. so heres the summary...

best dressed standouts:

 (bette midler; cate blanchett; portia de rossi...i LOVED these embellished dresses. several others had them and they looked nice as well, but these were my favorite. i love seeing bette more and more as she ages, and cate had the perfect earrings to go with that dress)

 (kerry washington; lupita nyong'o; gabourney sidibe...while i havent followed the work of these ladies much [ive seen 'precious' and some movies where kerry was a bit player] i have taken note of them on the red carpet. kerry always chooses well, but compared to her fellow pregnant red carpet oscar walkers, this dress impressed me. it could have looked like a wrapped towel after getting out of the shower, but she carried it off. and lupita has been on FIRE with fashion. her orange leather dress at the NAACP awards was stunning. and this one is certainly befitting an oscar winner. congrats to her. and gabourney...with her weight it seems its been hard to find things to work for her, but this hits the mark perfectly for me. the color, the style, the fit, it has all the right notes.)

 (jennifer garner; kate hudson...definitely the best 'old hollywood' looks of the night. while there are elements of both dresses that are less than totally appealing to me, its their hair that really sells it. great choices ladies.)

 (jennifer lawrence; julia roberts...these mini skirts at the hips surprised me. normally i would hate them, but these were fun, simple, flirty. and the ladies who wore them looked youthful, fresh, and like they were having a great time. i think that helps sell it too.)

(jared leto; joseph gordon-levitt...the dudes. nailed it. handsome, young, fashionable. these guys are awesome.)

(harrison ford & calista flockhart; channing tatum & jenna dewan; brad pitt & angelina jolie...the classy couples. i love couple shots. this year there werent many that stood out, and honestly if you separate jenna from channing or angelina from brad i wouldnt even mention these people, but for me calistas dress was stunning. perfect for her petite body, embellished in the most feminine ways, her hair was just right...i think she might be my favorite of the night.)    

questionably dressed:

(kelly ripa; pharrell williams & wife helen lasichanh; liza minnelli...first: kelly is getting dangerously thin, shes in danger of being invisible soon. i think people should stop complementing her on her abs. second: pharrell and his so called 'bermuda tux' and his matching strangely attired wife just bug me. they are the embodiment of the music artist who gets to come to the oscars but is really just wildly out of their league. even lady gaga managed to control herself. come on. and third: liza minnelli is usually quirky, so i know she really just gets a free pass, but the pajama-style look, the bold color and the hair were a bit too much to go unmentioned.)

(olivia wilde; elsa pataky [with chris hemsworth]...the preggos. again, being pregnant myself and just imagining trying to outfit myself for an internationally scrutinized infamous award show canNOT be easy, so i shouldnt point fingers. but, well, these ladies just made me wonder. i mean there have been so many ways weve seen to beautifully cover a bump [one summary article, and another] and these ladies are gorgeous. olivias dress just has weird creases around her boob and belly area, like the dress wasnt fit properly and elsa [who is pregnant with twins] went with a weird v-neck, tight cinching seam under the belly, oddly bejeweled dress. sorry, i just didnt like these choices.)

after-party fashion:

 (emma heming & bruce willis; leslie mann & judd apatow...partying couples. bruce is just too cute, and he seems so happy with his new [growing] family. congrats to them. and leslie mann often looks nice but not always note-worthy. this dress was so fun and colorful with its polka dots. i love her lipstick and hair too. a big win for her after-party dress.)

(evan rachel wood...ive really taken a liking to her style in the past few years. this one looks great on her, as does the hair. kudos.)

**bonus: if looking for more fashion fun, a friend sent this along to me...a sketched list of the dress choices made by all of oscars 'best actress' winners. pretty neat.

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Mary Ann said...

Watched Blue Jasmine last week. Cate Blanchett is a great actress and is every inch a star. Loved her dress.