24 January 2014

X files - 3.75 years old - Animal aficionado

no new revelations this month, its just been fun to watch her imagination take flight. she is a big animal lover and she is always thinking of ways to take care of her "friends" and incorporate new adventures for them based on new books we read or videos we watch. our cat has also become an active member of her animal friend squad, and luckily, most of the time the cat doesnt seem to mind. she also often recruits dave and i to play in these adventures, and while my patience and attention for them wanes far before hers does, it has been really great to see her creating such an interesting world.

obsessions: homeward bound movies (1 & 2), monsters, aliens, our cat (nutmeg)

picture books: the seven chinese brothers, the fantastic flying books of mr morris lessmore (and its beautiful oscar winning short film), frog is a hero, daisy comes home, harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs, doctor de soto, superworm, captain cat, over in the jungle, have you seen my new blue socks?, doug the bug that went boing!, owl babies, the snatchabook, the princess mouse, wizzil, the jolly postman, id know you anywhere my love, lenas sleep sheep, long winters nap, curious george visits the library, the saddest king, theres something spooky in my attic

longer books: the hat hunt, inspector hopper, man mountain, farewell to shady glade, poppleton in winter, amelia bedelia, henry and mudge first book, winters tales, tari the little balinese dancer, jo-jo the melon donkey, the selfish giant, nate the great, sammeli and the king of the forest [lapland book by lee d. rodgers], blue moose

special interest books: every thing on it, are you an ant?, the yoga game, a day in the deep, ocean [pledger], oceans [3D-explorer], making faces, professor astro cats frontiers of spacewhy oh why are deserts dry

audio books: harry and the dinosaurs, the arnold lobel audio collection, the enormous crocodile, more bedtime stories johnny morris

dreams/nightmares: her legs were getting ripped open but dave and i saved her. someone was crying and she wiped their tear with her mitten and her mitten was shining. sauce was being poured on all of us. a monster was stealing her books.

(official daycare pic. no smiling like a real finnish kid; swinging like a finnish kid)
(happy happy november sunshine joy at vanhakaupunki)
(major love for the cat)
(papa comfort)
(still nothing better than kid-in-bed pics, especially when they are sleeping)

x-citing developments:
1. naps. over the 19 day holiday break, we had to re-remind ourselves that our kid hasnt been a napper in years. she does still occasionally nap at daycare though (this must be due to the added stress of not being in the comfort of her home/parents), so i think i tricked myself into thinking we might have some down time during the days sometimes. no, unless she is sick, got up way too early and/or had a very active morning she will not even accidentally fall asleep in the stroller.

2. physical

she is so helpful and becoming more independent these days, trying to do more herself. she will go grab the step stool from the bathroom to get to something she needs. thankfully, she will still ask for help when she needs it. i think it has meant less whining because shes more able to be of the 'take charge' mindset now. of course, if we werent nearby to potentially offer assistance when she tries these new 'big girl' things it could mean disaster and/or a huge mess, but with such a small apartment, someone is always around. and she helps us when we ask too (especially if you offer to clean or do a task with her, she will do it with no fuss).

she walks everywhere now, even long distances. we almost dont need the stroller anymore, which is a good thing of course.

3. personality

she seems go have gotten way more into imaginary play. she does voices for her "friends" (toys) and plays out a situation with them. probably as an extension of this, she has given her friends more names, responsibilities and roles in her life, and she has formed deeper attachments with her bed lovies.

during the holiday break it was amazing to watch her always be able to come up with something to fill the time. if you were present in the room with her, just 'being' there, she was always able to think of the next thing she wanted to do and happily started doing it without any suggestions or creativity from us. its really amazing to me that she is truly never bored. actually, id say that once i stopped being such a spazz parent from the early days she has been able to fill her days quite easily, especially if i wasnt the one leading the activities or games. im glad weve been able to support her ability to entertain herself.

one day, she was tired at dinnertime. she was crying about something. we let her have her cry. she started to finish up and was talking about something food-related, so we joined in and offered some food choices. she stopped us, saying she wasnt ready for food, she wasnt finished crying. she took another few seconds, then asked for a hug. and that was it, she was done with her cry and went about eating calmly. that was the coolest. it was really great to see her manage her own emotions: to vocalize it, get rid of it, and move on.

4. learning

reading. im certain shes reading now, in some capacity. i point to words in stories and she can read many of them, and she will try to sound out words she sees. one day, she read my handwritting off the shopping list and announced an item we needed without my ever mentioning it verbally.

she can pick out when someone is speaking french (on the bus, or on videos). i cant believe that her brain can do all this language stuff (i mean i can, but its so different from my childhood experience with languages). even though she isnt often exposed to french, nor are her parents good at speaking it when they try to read her stories, she can still pick it out. so, we listen to some french kids music at home and she has watched a few videos of "petit ours brun".

5. anecdotes

-she said to me one day: "im feeling a little mixed up today. my head is filled with both happiness and sadness, but my heart is filled up with love."

-we got a box from a package of bike tires that were shipped to dave. it was big enough for X to totally fit inside. she declared it to be her home, and herself to be a 'box-homer'. she was in the box and said "what are you doing in your home today?" (to dave and i). i said "not much, what are you doing in your home?", she replied "just snuggling with my friends. box-homers are lazy."

6. baby-related anecdotes (this was before we told her i was pregnant):

-while playing with her baby doll she told me it was a newborn. she said "yeah, i saw some liquid leaking out and the baby came out of me and i gave her a bath and brought her over here." i swear we have had no discussions about this process. its possible that she got this from watching milo and otis (the mom cat and dog give birth in that movie), but weve only watched that once or twice maybe.

-while preparing her snack one day, she started to tell me about how she was growing babies. one named 'whale' died and she had another named 'alexander'. she then said 'look, my breasts are growing because i have a baby growing in my tummy.' she also told me she was going to name this new baby 'whale', after the previous one who had died.

momma mentionables:
1. ive now got myself a few friends here. a finnish mom friend (she is married to an aussie [we did thanksgiving with them]), and an ex-pat american friend who is a michigander, a curser, and a sewing machine queen. shes agreed to teach me a bit of what she knows while we chat and sew at her kitchen table. ive also met up with another blogger mom here. she is a polish ex-pat who lived in america for a bit. i found her several months before we moved here and have been casually chatting with her ever since. weve only had a chance to meet once, but im happy to have some more friendly 'neighbors'. and as much as facebook, blogging, and the internets can make me cringe...i would have met NONE of these fabulous people without it.

2. photo book. i finished a photo book of Xs third year. i love the finished product but those things are just so time consuming. i think ive got one more photo book to do before im all caught up.

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