12 January 2014

Golden globes 2014 aka 90s fashion flashback

eesh. well, i didnt see the lovely ladies of comedy's hosting skills, so hopefully they were talented enough to take the focus off the yucky fashion.

the dress color choices this year appeared to be: black, white or red, and in the style of the 90s, if at all possible. seriously between the boring, boring black dresses and the metallic embellishing nearly everyone, it basically meant that all one had to do was wear a different color and my eyes perked up. well, not quite. some who went for color made some bad choices and often those bad choices also looked rather 90s to me too. seriously hoping this trend burnt itself out and the oscars will show some nicer attire.

small note about the actual awards and work nominated this year. i read many reviews, interviews, and saw clips of many of the movies and shows nominated. i didnt actually see any of the movies however, and not much of the nominated the tv stuff. also, in terms of speeches, from what i could find youtube everyone was totally shocked and nervous when they won. and wow...that jacqueline bisset acceptance...um, too much alcohol maybe? not sure.

best dressed:
amy adams and emma watson. rah rah rock the red. emma is young and i just loved the fun and edge in her style.

julie bowen and taylor swift made nice red choices too, though i dont really care for their professional work.

jennifer lawrence and jared leto. black and white perfection. i like these two and i cant find more to say than these styles look amazing on them.

reese witherspoon, kate beckinsale, and laura dern. reeses dress is plain but fits well and her hair adds something nice (though i was none too pleased with her DUI behavior last year). i dont think its possible for kate to do wrong, her face, hair and body make it impossible. on anyone else i wouldnt like this dress. and laura dern...i dont know, the animal-ness of her hair and the animal print vibe of her dress, the fit of it and the fact that she is 46 years old with 2 kids...im giving this to her.

channing tatum and jenna dewan. robin wright and ben foster. kyra sedgwick, sosie bacon, and kevin bacon. couple shots are fun and i love the tatums, fingers crossed they stay together, plus im secretly loving her new show 'witches of east end'. robin wright is a stunning woman, just as michelle pfeiffer is. im not in love with her new future husband choice, but we'll see. aside from more bony rib cage than seems healthy, i like her look. and the bacon family always seem fun and down-to-earth. i liked their daughters dress choice.  

worst dressed:
yikes, rough on the red. bérénice bejo and tina fey. i have no idea why bérénices dress has some kind of 1990s secretary jacket overtop of it. yuck. and no thank you for the flowers tina. ive seen you in much lovelier things. 

megan mullally and andy samburgs wife [joanna newsom]. first, i had no idea megan was married to nick offerman! second, this hair and dress are AWFUL! and joanna...i dont know you, but im certain you dont need to wear a scarlett o'hara reject to get noticed.

kaley cuoco and zooey deschanel. eesh ladies. you are young and adorable, and especially for zooey...i would just like to pretend you didnt even attend the award show this year. memory erased. try again next year.

paula patton and zoe saldana. i dont like the shoes, ruffles or earrings paula. and zoe this dress has not one thing going for it, it doesnt even look like it was finished. luckily no real harm done since i dont really enjoy their professional work either.

but i LOVE these two. normally. drew barrymore and sandra bullock. i do thank them for wearing color but it just didnt work for me. drew is so pretty as a pregnant lady but the sheer gauze rarely works for me, and those colorful leaves just dont add anything. sandy...i like the pockets, i like the hair. the dress just doesnt do anything for you, im glad you tried though. 

notable nice:
julia roberts in a flair of menswear. with her body and age i thought this was actually great. she has certainly made some very bad fashion choices over the years, so i was pleased to see this. 

1990 and 1991 julia. in menswear. you see what i mean. this year she looked fabulous!

1990s golden globe fashions that could have walked the 2014 red carpet:

1990 cybill shepherd and 1998 angelina jolie. shiny, metallic.

1997 courtney love and 1997 madonna. plain black.

1995 kate moss and johnny depp & 1996 brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow. black and white and shiny. boring.

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