16 December 2013

If youre going, to san fransisco...be sure to bring...home some gifts

dave attended the huge annual AGU geology conference in san fransisco this year.

he was gone for 9 days, rode on 6 airplanes, crossed 10 time zones, twice, gave a well-received talk, chaired some other session(s), and generally did well by his career and had a busy but professionally nice time (plus ate mountains of delish cali/san fran food. jealous). it took the poor man like 2 weeks to get back to normal sleep patterns once back home though.

and X and i? we were prepared, enough. we had dinners made and daycare and finnish class to keep us busy. we had grey, windy, crappy weather so having to find entertainment for 4 weekend days was not my favorite task ever, but we managed. we had a great time when he was previously gone for 5 days, and i think thats around my solo parenting threshold. 9 days, at least in the winter, isnt my cup of tea. but, dave kindly did some shopping for us while in california, he filled up his whole suitcase (yay to gluten-free goodies, maple syrup, new clothes from target, etc).

(the bounty)

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