30 November 2013

Lonely thanksgiving

thanksgiving was hard this year. at least in canada they celebrate the holiday (a month early of course), so if you want the holiday spirit you just have to adjust your calendar, or, dear me, celebrate the wondrous day twice. but here. nothing. its just not as easy to get pumped up.

but we tried. X and i cut and glued and crafted a couple of turkeys to perch on the windowsill by our kitchen table. we even invited our vegetarian finnish/jewish-australian friends to dinner...but their kids got sick the day before. :( so we were alone, in the dark, sharing a meal with only ourselves and not the rest of the surrounding population. it might not seem like that big of a difference, but when the decorations are at the store, the tv commercials are thanksgiving related, the people are all shopping for the same special meal items at the store, it all contributes to the feeling. when that feeling is gone and you arent able to share the traditionally enormous meal with any additional friends or family, its just...a drag. and as ive said before, its my favorite holiday, and each year it seems the blow to my holiday makes me sadder (or perhaps this will be the lowest. heres hoping). but we'll keep trying, its not a terrible consolation to drown my sorrows, and meat, in gravy.

anyway, for our thanksgiving 'feast' we had roasted a chicken, made gravy, stuffing, a sweet potato casserole, and an apple crisp. they were all surprisingly tasty and i even found cranberry jelly at the store (no cranberry chunks in it though, thus dave was not satisfied). we also sipped glögi throughout the day (a finnish spiced juice that is the base for their holiday mulled wine).

our friends actually briefly came over to get some food to take home (we had made so much) and then the three of us had a nice big dinner together of which X ate a lot and we lounged around. thus, pretty average thanksgiving behavior. i also found that the beginning of the (subdued) christmas spirit in the air made things a little brighter.

(X and dave making stuffing. she was actually eating the super stale bread. blah)
(our little craft turkeys and the sparse thanksgiving meal [minus the meat and gravy]; our small and unfancy thanksgiving dinner)

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