10 November 2013

Finnish fathers day is in the fall

i quite like having finnish fathers day (isänpäivä) in the fall. since there is no thanksgiving here, its nice to have a holiday where you are thankful for someone.

our fathers day (weekend) festivities...

friday: dave and other fathers were invited to stay for breakfast at daycare. X quite liked it, and it was a nice excuse to do something special at daycare.

saturday: X and i gave dave some time to himself and had lunch and a playdate with some new friends. weve been playing with these guys since late summer. the mom is finnish, the husband is australian-jewish and they have a girl who is one month older than X and a boy who is nearly 2 years old. they are very fun and welcoming and helpful. ive greatly appreciated their company, and feel so lucky to have found them.

sunday: all of us went downtown to the natural history museum. first we had lunch, then we toured the museum (dave had never been), X wasnt as impressed with their bat exhibit as i expected but she made us look at every single one of the bugs in the museums bug collection. she also quite enjoyed the evolution of the universe area (mostly for the dinosaurs). then we had dessert and headed home.

gifts: X had made a craft for dave in daycare, and the two things i ordered arrived late, so...whoops. i got a picture book about rocks for him to share with X and a stick-to-the-window bird feeder with bird seed. once these arrived, they were well received.

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