01 September 2013

Fun finn facts #5: food 2.0

here are some new food facts weve discovered since the last food post i made and some new foods weve tried.

finnish food/drink:
-lapish flat bread (rieska). there are potato, barley, and rye varieties apparently. it kind of looks like greek pita bread, but less fluffy. it looks like it would be dry and bland, but its great. its soft, simple, a bit dense but you could eat a million of them.
-square hole-y bread (dont know what else to call it). dave and X love this stuff, cant get enough. its a tiny bit sweet, soft and yet firm enough to be used for many things: sandwiches, mini pizzas, appetizer dipper, etc.
-pommac pop. this is an unusual pop that they also make popsicles out of. its used as a non-alcoholic champagne too because its got a similar flavor and is aged in oak barrels for 3 months.
-cloudberry liquor. cloudberries are fairly rare in the world (they only grow above the arctic circle) and are very popular here. this liquor has a nice, sweet flavor.
-jaffa. a popular pop. i love the popsicles made from this stuff (the original orange flavor).

food notes:
-i still havent found any good orange juice like i could in the US. it seems a bit watered down here, and its certainly not sweetened (which is nice), but it also seems that people arent big on pulp here, so i havent found any good "full pulp" brands yet.

-finns take exactly the amount that they will eat for meals and then they proceed to eat every bite on their plate. its like my (depression era) grandpa, at every meal. i feel so ashamed of myself. as a recovering picky eater, i am never sure if im going to like that "game stew" or "herring bake" so i may take a few small piles of things or sift through the onions or peppers i dont like. by the end of the meal im grateful ive shared a tray with X because i can pretend its all her fault my plate isnt spotless.

-ive discovered there are basically no hard candies for sale here. tons of gummies, salty licorice, and chocolate though.

-i did actually find a ziploc bag semi-equivalent here. yay. no need to fill up my suitcase with boxes of baggies.

-celery is not a high demand item here apparently. there is only a small sad pile of it at the grocery store, and many times, if you shop on sunday, you cant even find it.

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