22 September 2013

Autumnal equinox

the official beginning of fall. we tried our hand at starting a new tradition, spent some time together, and enjoyed the weather.

unsurprisingly, the seasons feel very distinct here. and while fall comes a bit earlier and is shorter than some other places weve lived, i thought it would still be nice to mark each of the seasons now, instead of just the winter solstice. since the summer solstice is also a big deal here, i figure it will be easy to keep it up and see how traditions evolve over time. this year was a nice beginning.

here are the things we did to mark the day (some of them we would normally do on the weekend anyway, but they were nice all the same):

- i made a trail of leaf "footprints" from Xs room to our room for her to follow in the morning.

- i created a treasure hunt with (8) leaf card clues and a small "treasure" at the end. each clue led you to the next clue, until you reached the end. the clues started at the bookshelf, got her into her jacket and out to the playground, and ended behind a boulder. her "treasure" was waiting back inside, only a modest booty of a small box of crafts and 3 books (little whistle, buford the little bighorn, and jip and janneke).

i was pleasantly surprised that she was interested in the leaves that i had glued on her clue cards too, she found similarities and differences in them, and later she was happy to note that they were leaves we had on our own playground, so we then learned their names.

- we had a pancake breakfast.

- we did a nature walk in the kumpula neighborhood with dave (and discovered snails, a ladybug, and lots of mushrooms). our walk ended at a wonderful playground (intia).

- we had lunch together at a nearby cafe (kahvila kapusiini) with dave before he had to go up to work (weekends have been busy for him as he prepares his course).

- X talked me into going to the nearby thrift store. we came away with a new bag of plastic bug friends and a whale shark toy. theyve been her new best friends ever since.

- X and i enjoyed a nice stroll through the nature of arabia/vanhakaupunki before going home.

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