16 August 2013

Birthday: balloons and breakfast

a simple birthday, but dave and X made it special.

with no babysitters around, it can be hard to find some adults-only time, but dave managed the feat. he got up early and made me perfect blueberry scones even though he had sworn off making them because the butter pisses him off, then he did the dishes. all before i woke up. X woke up happily and got ready for daycare and it was easy to drop her off. back at home, dave decided to go in to work late to allow for a short morning date. we ate breakfast together and watched an episode or two of Friends. at some point he told me he had secretly booked plane tickets and was in the process of confirming a place to stay in copenhagen for late october after his class duties are over. such a nice surprise, and while its a trip for everyone of course, its nice to have someone else with the excitement and enthusiasm to plan it. im looking forward to it, a chance for all of us to relax and have a little fun.

(the delicious scones; my birthday date)

the rest of my birthday was wonderful too, starting with the weather. we had just previously had a series of cool, grey, wet days but for my birthday we got 70F, sunny, breezy, and lovely. after dave left, i walked past Xs daycare to watch her playing on the playground during her daycares outside time. it was fun to see her enjoying herself with her friends. i then continued my walk, going through the nearby cemetery with its last bursts of summer flowers brightly cheering everything up.

(the cemeterys reflection fountain)

later, i picked X up from daycare and we took the bus down to daves work to have lunch with him. then, X and i headed off to linnanmäki (helsinkis amusement park) to find some rides we hadnt been on before and to ride our absolute favorite, the balloon ride. we also managed to share an ice cream cone with sprinkles before we left the park.

(at linnanmäki)

to finish off the birthday, in the evening, we all went into the city center for dinner (from burrito food truck "tortilla house") and the kick-off celebration for the two week long helsinki festival. on the main market square they had an "urban horn concert" complete with the icebreaker "urho" doing manuevers out in the harbor and blasting its horns in time to the other music (normally the icebreaker is parked for the summer, but this was a special outing, weird to see an icebreaker in clear summer waters) as well as at least a half dozen hot air balloons magically floating from west to east across the market square area (the hot air balloons were equipped with horns as well). it was a rather strange event, but it actually held Xs attention and we all had a nice time slowly walking home after a busy day.

(urho in the background facing the square)

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