07 June 2013

Wish for our first visitors...granted!

we had visitors. of the unexpected, blast-from-the-blast variety. so fun!

good old facebook. if it wasnt providing me with these occasional awesome coincidences, im certain i wouldnt think so highly of it. but anyway, a childhood friend who grew up down the street from me, and whom i basically havent seen since high school graduation, discovered, via facebook, that we live in helsinki. she, her family, and her in-laws were all going to be coming to finland (for various amounts of time, some were doing a cruise) and she wanted to find a time to meet-up with us. so fun.

kim and her husband live in brooklyn, NY and are lawyers. they were on their last "big hurrah" vacation before their first baby comes in october. she was in helsinki for 5 days, and we caught up with them this friday afternoon. the day was iffy for rain but the city was green and gorgeous, its so pretty and so different every time i turn around, im glad they got to see it like this. we met at the marimekko flagship store and shopped and replayed the last 14 years of our lives while X roamed the store.

traveling with them was kims brother-in-law and wife and their 2.5 year old son. they were interesting friendly people who i was happy to pass a couple hours in helsinki with. it also turns out they have some finnish-american friends who just relocated to finland with their two younger kids (2.5 and 4 i think) and they are looking for american friends. could be a relationship with potential. :)

anyway, it was so nice to see kim and meet the new people in her life. she bonded very easily with X (she was always ready to be a mom) and we even picked out some treats together at cafe ekberg before saying goodbye. upon leaving them, X immediately said "kim is nice!"

(playing on the bean bags outside marimekko while waiting for kim to finishing shopping. i totally forgot to get a pic of kim. bad, bad.)

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