22 June 2013

A 6-month dave work update

youve all been on the edge of your seat to see some cold, hard facts about what dave has been up to at work since we arrived. i know it. okay, maybe only mary ann has been interested. and so, this post is for you...

scientific papers in progress: 2 (from his dalhousie post-doc work), 2 (from other work done at dalhousie), 1 (from his PhD work)

grants applied for: 2 (for his personal research/lab), 2 (collaborative research)

grant money, if awarded: 150K euro + computing time on special clusters (personal research)

courses assigned to teach: 2 (first half of fall semester 2013, second half of winter semester 2014)

conferences/meetings: 1 (oulu, in march)

committees on: 3 (search/hiring committee, "eco" [evolving continents] research community, joint geophysics program)

other notables: hosted student (janice, from dal) for 2 weeks in march, did work with PhD advisor in germany (in april), took an intensive 3 week finnish course (4 full mornings a week) in june

* he is still settling in at work of course. he got most of the things he requested in terms of lab/office set-up, and his department has been very supportive. though his colleagues are friendly people, it just takes a bit of time to adjust to a different countrys workplace behaviors and mindsets, so he is still figuring out how to successfully and smoothly navigate various situations. *

** coming up for him in the next 6 months will be: creating two new courses, from scratch. getting the above mentioned papers published. applying for more grants. a couple more meetings/conferences (germany, california). recruiting students to work for/with him. **

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