14 May 2013

Obligatory 8th anniversary message

very subdued around here this year. no babysitter, no energy (see mothers day entry).

dave gave me a sweet card and cleaned the kitchen, and i appreciated it whole-heartedly. i, however, 100% slacked (note: this is not the same as forgetting) and offered a future lunch date (once X is in daycare). i did notice that pottery is an 8th anniversary gift, so i decided to go literal this year, i want to pick out something from iittala or arabia (finnish design houses) to commemorate our love. i notice that the 9th anniversary also says "pottery", so i'll ditch creativity and do this again next year i suppose because i think we need an official occasion as a reason to buy this stuff, since we shipped so much of our other kitchen crap to ourselves.

anyway, the subdued nature of the celebration does not mean that i love dave any less. i am proud that his hard work brought us to finland. im really enjoying myself here so far. im proud that he is settling in, getting to work, making an impression and still coming home with energy and patience to spare (though perhaps not as much as he would like). we're still on the same page in all the important ways, and i know we'll continue to sit tight together while we weather the rocking of the boat that a huge move like this entails. together for 13 years now, and no corner of that time feels unlucky. and you know, if you tip the number 8 on its side...∞...but i'll leave the cheesy infinity reference for another anniversary i have in mind.

(think we're gonna get this because we have no pitchers, and ive been using the one in the apartment a fair amount. dave chose the pattern, i think it evokes the whimsical finnish woodland vibe quite well. we also got a couple of red polka dot iittala plates. just because.)

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Mary Ann said...

This entry has me smiling. For some reason, every spring, when I see the apple trees in bloom, I thing of you lovebirds posing with that fabulous background. I can almost smell the trees. Here's to love. And to two people that I know we're made for each other.