24 April 2013

Year 3X in review

the summary of another year gone by...




weight: 13.4 kg (29.5 lbs)
height: 94.6 cm (37.2 in)
head circumference: 50.3 cm (19.8 in)
--> these are mid-range percentile numbers.
shoe size: 8 (US) or 24 (europe)
clothing size: 3T/4T (US) or 92/98 (europe)

new nicknames acquired: yorman, fuzzy j

favorite things: underwater animals (been this way for about 2 years now), transportation...most specifically trams (been that way for over a year)

favorite foods: beans and cheese, chocolate

food sensitivities remaining: soy, lactose, cinnamon, lemon

new friends born this past year:
miss ada b, miss evie t, mister quinn j, miss ava b, mister nathaniel c, miss bea m, miss anna m

new friends to come:
mister stepke, mister ming, mister/miss busuttil

trips taken this year:
-prince edward island and joggins fossil cliffs in june
-michigan in june
-malagash, nova scotia in july
-economy/parrsboro/five islands, nova scotia in august
-newfoundland in august
-ottawa in october
-michigan in december for the move (and visiting)
-new york (albany and nyack) in december
-landing in finland in january
-oulu, finland in march

favorite modified song (to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star):
twinkle twinkle little tram,
all along the tracks you ran,
round and round the town you go,
i love you, this you know...

favorite books: finland (~100% due to the helsinki tram picture on page 183), life-size sharks and other underwater creatures, what if humans were like animals, catwings, the poky little puppy, grasshopper on the road, zoozical, my monster mama loves me so, ocean explorer, getting around by train, what we wear (90% because of the picture of the little swedish girl), dexters journey, mouse tales, pass it on

a typical day as a (now) 3 year old: wake up at 7:30/8a. spend half time inside, half time outside (or swim) for the morning. have lunch of beans and cheese (or have lunch with papa at work). go to library for new books. spend remaining afternoon half inside, half outside. have dinner at 6p. spend time playing with papa. snack with papa. bedtime story with mama. and asleep at 8:30/9p.

1. first ever party: we invited two kid friends and their parents and just did a weekend morning/lunch playdate type of party. the theme was transportation. i used pinterest for a few ideas and came up with: car fruit, train sandwiches, a tram brownie cake. i thought it went well, though i would have liked to have convinced everyone to have spent some time outside. oh well.

(snack table; close-up of apple/grape cars)
(train nut butter and jam sandwiches and manchego cheese cubes; a replica of the tram picture from her beloved "finland" [see above] book)

2. parent/weekday 'party': we made pasta and beans and cheese for dinner (as requested) with a "hand" cake (she got the idea from the book "alices birthday pig") made from a poorly executed gateau de savoie.

(the birthday dinner; the "meh" dessert and candle blow-out)

thank you:
thank you, X, for sticking with us this year as we threw you around the world. we packed you up more times than i can think for travel and moving, we gave you 3 or more different homes to adjust to, we asked so much from you and you bore it as best you could, and with less than perfectly patient parents. your curiosity, your insistence on doing things at your own speed and in your own way, and your willingness to keep getting back out there really helped keep us on track to settle in to our new home and country.

you ask so much of me, of others, but i thank you for absorbing and appreciating so much of what you are given. it keeps me going. you are a determined little bugger and you challenge me in every way to confront my faults, make peace with those i cant change and to work at those i can. of course i am your mother, and i am taking care of you until you can do it for yourself, but in many ways you are raising me to be the world citizen that i can be. so thank you for that, and all that you are. 

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