24 March 2013

Treat that w-itchy palm

pretty cute traditions here for palm sunday. im also digging my rad title for this post. its the little things...

so, palm sunday here. its like a 5 months belated halloween. the decorations involve a mix of witches, treats, eggs, and chocolate. little girls (mostly, though boys can get in on the action too) dress as old ladies/witches on palm sunday and go from house to house chanting a little rhyme that basically says they are here to chase out the bad spirits, in exchange for a treat. days before palm sunday, girls can be seen collecting pussy willow branches (pretty much the first sign of spring here). they then take them home and decorate the branches with ribbons and feathers. after chanting their rhyme, they offer a pussy willow stick to whomever gives them a treat. treats are usually chocolate eggs or similar. it was quite cute to see them wandering around, but we (luckily) avoided having any as visitors (we hadnt bought any candy!).

easter decorations around here are pretty subdued. they involve the standard animal babies (chicks, bunnies, lambs, etc) and eggs. there are also plenty of little witches on broomsticks dangling in stores and for sale as home decorations. i also saw most home/store windows had a vase filled with decorated pussy willow branches. after palm sunday (presumably after collecting a batch from local little girls), the pussy willow branches are further decorated by hanging hollow painted eggs from them.

also, easter treats sold here that i dont see in the US include fazers mignon eggs (chocolate somehow poured into real hollowed out eggshells) and the hugely popular european treat, kinder eggs (banned in some places because a few kids choked on the toy prizes inside).

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