28 March 2013

Shipment ahoy!

well, color me shocked but our stuff finally arrived...problem: i dont even want it.

so, our things FINALLY arrived today (3+ months after being picked up...they had quoted 6-8 weeks). the happy news was that at least on the finland side things went as smoothly as ever. the stuff got off the ferry in helsinki from sweden and was driven up to us on the day, and nearly the exact time they quoted us. it took less than an hour for the guys to unload the truck and they spoke english. hooray finland, i like your organizational skills. the mover chatted with dave at the end and blamed the UK for holding our stuff for so long before transferring it to us. he said that kind of thing would never happen in finland. lol. i love how appalled they get by things that inconvenience people.

the only problem was...i didnt really want any of our stuff. X was happy for her books and toys to be sure, but ive fallen in love with finnish homegoods (arabia, iitalla, marimekko, finlayson, muurla) and want to fill my cupboards with that, not our blah. oh well. actually, i cant afford to stock our cupboards with that stuff in one load anyway, so at least this way we have time to slowly amass an eclectic collection of things from the local companies.

another bonus was that today was the first major spring melt day. the spring cleaning vibes were very helpful for unpacking and looking at all the musty bags of laundry i was to encounter in the weeks to come (we only having a drying rack here).

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