09 March 2013

Delicacies for dave

for daves birthday i went to a couple places in the city to gather some gourmet, local treats. i was about 50% successful at choosing winners.

for my first outing, i snuck off to the flagship alko store downtown right before i met up with a finn for drinks. i was able to use ratebeer to help me choose 3 beers for dave that were his style, and they turned out to be to his liking too. for my second outing, i took X to the eat & joy market and chose 3 sweet treats of local origin: bean-to-bar dark chocolate (beans were of madagascar origin, but all other chocolate making processes were done in helsinki), raspberry gummy squares, and salty licorice/salmiakki (this is a particular national specialty...that does not mean it isnt gross).

(hornbeer brewerys dryhops, malmg√•rd brewerys huvila esb, mikkellers breakfast stout)

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