24 February 2013

Oscars: fashionably late

i got oscar fashions, commentaries, youtube videos all on the day after the fact. so out of the loop over here, better get used to it i guess.

i had missed the golden globes this year since we were still dealing with jetlag and i just had no idea what day it was, let alone the award show schedule. i still couldnt actually watch any of the oscars live (the red carpet started at 1a my time) and youtube was pretty sparse the next day. :( i am still not going to easily give up my award season stalking, though it will be severely hampered. here's my take...

-jennifer lawrence (she is so cool. she's young, talented, gives off a strong woman vibe, yet is sweet, humorous, and humble)
-naomi watts (her after-party dress was gorg too)
-octavia spencer (where was this dress for her all last years award season?)
-catherine zeta-jones (she normally looks matronly but this was nice)
-sally field (she makes aging by an 'average' looking woman look desirable)
-norah jones (loved the lines and the fit, the hair could have been a little less prom-ish...and she could work a bit on her posture)
-amy adams (the ruffles on a dress like that get me every time, otherwise, she would be in the 'meh' bin)


-reese witherspoon (but great hair, great dress color, and kudos on post baby bod after 3 kids at age 36)
-jennifer garner (but i loved the color, and kudos on the post baby bod after 3 kids at age 40; yawn to the rest)
-jen aniston (the red color was a nice change, but her classic lines can be rather boring)
-anne hathaway (the color, the nips, the cut of the dress. blah)
-charlize theron (boring. though white is a little edgy, at least in my book)
-renee zellweger (didnt realize she was still around)
-kristen stewart
-the men (i didnt see even one interesting tux that stood out)


-olivia munn (her after-party dress was yuck too)
-salma hayek (loved her makeup though)
-melissa mccarthy. yes, shes a heavy set lady, but come on, there have been more than a handful of other full figured women finding decent stylists in the past years. for goodness sake, octavia spencer made it on my "hot" list (see above). come on melissa. i like you. i liked your hair. theres got to be something better than a poorly draped sweatshirt toga as an oscar dress for you.
-there were also two ladies who tried to show us way more of their boobs than anyone really wanted or needed to see. sad. trying so hard to stay relevant. i wont bother to post their names, but here is a good boob article/pictorial from the night that includes them (first two "ladies").


side notes on the night:
*im so tired of stacy kiebler with george clooney
*jennifer lawrence was adorable after tripping up the steps to her acceptance speech
*host seth macfarlane (from what i could find on youtube) at least brought something different to the awards show. not sure if theyve ever had a cartoon voice comedian do the show. i had never seen what he looked like, but when he talked, all i could hear was peter griffin. a little distracting, but i suppose thats a hazard with animation-to-real-life appearances.
*i skimmed through the after party dresses too, and nothing really stood out to me except for miss natalie portman. nice.

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